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From .125 Miles to 26.2 Miles:
Marine Corps Marathon
By Bruno Runs
In my mind, I am not sure I had ever convinced myself that today was actually going to happen. 364 days ago (the day after my first marathon) I was reeling in pride and confidence, ready to take on another 26.2 mile distance and it only took one (1) small training mile to cripple my dreams of a spring race, or perhaps any race. After 2 months of frustration, icing, doctors, and YES, depression I decided to take a gander at this book my dad had found earlier that summer, "Born To Run." After curling up with the book during the Christmas holiday I was surprised how quickly I bought onto the idea of running sanz-shoes, and within hours of the final page had registered on the Runners World Barefoot Running Forum. I scoured the inter-webs for any and all information related to Barefoot Running. I had already been in the process of researching my multiple injuries (ITBS, Tendentious in the knee, top...
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Member Blog of the WeekPricelessBy Miker
So after the 6 mile run that I lost the bet with myself on, I signed up for the Tulsa Run. It is a 15K road race that I decided to run barefoot.

Problem was, that "somehow" I'd developed a swelling in my right foot whenever I ran. It doesn't really hurt but the top of the foot is definitely "puffy". Kind of like a Cheetos, only flesh colored. So for the last three weeks leading up to the run, I ran 6mi, 8mi, and 6 mi. Only one run per week (see puffy foot comment). I tried to supplement these runs with some gravel bucket training (Thanks Todd!), to try and keep the soles of my feet in some kind of shape. I don't think it's a stress fracture (but how the heck would I know!), because I can flex it all around and it's just kind of sore, sometimes. Yeah, that's a pretty good description that'll get a great diagnosis from a doctor.

Doctor: Hmmm, your foot hurts when you run. Me: Yep. Doctor: Hmmm, don't run. Me: Got to....
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Winter Barefoot Running – Is it for You?
By Barefoot Rick Roeber
Winter barefoot running. Just the name evokes absurdity and foolishness in some people’s minds. For those who might not immediately dismiss it as insanity, there might come the question “Why?” Well, in response to that I say, “Why not?” Some people can’t understand why people climb mountains or why others jump out of perfectly good airplanes. Most of the time I simply tell people who ask me “Why,” is “Because I can.” Most choose not to do so, for whatever reason, which is fine with me. I like doing things no one else chooses to do.
For those of you who fall into this select minority of runners who choose to defy convention, then you’re probably still reading this and would like to find out more regarding cold weather barefoot running. For the others, I have nothing but good will toward you and wish you well as you plow through the snow and frigid temps with your “portable earth.”However, the remainder of...
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Member Profile of the Week
Olle "Blind Boy" Albinsson
A Little Moderation is in Order
Olle Albinsson, known as Blind Boy on our forum, joins us from the charming coastal town of Luleå, Sweden, where he has been a resident for the last 6 years. He is 27 years old and originally from Uppsala, Sweden. Olle is currently enrolled as a student at Luleå University of Technology where he is studying computer game development and is halfway to receiving his MSE (Masters degree in Software Engineering).
Olle is a self-proclaimed pacifist who has two young children and a cat called Bossa. Apparently, in keeping with his kind nature, dust bunnies are also considered pets in his home, and he claims there “are more than I care to count.”
While he only took up running again recently, he’s been a runner for six years, currently running both barefoot and minimalist. As far as favorite running stories go, he says, “I don’t have a specific one, but I remember how I...