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From Never Running to an Ultramarathon in a YearA Journey Into Barefoot-ismBy JarodPart 1: It All Started...It All Started With an Orange, Drooling Cat.I happened to be meditating one day following a grueling run. Back to that soon. I was training for my first marathon, if you could call that training. Basically, I started running in late September, 2009, while in Miami on a contract job at a free health clinic. I wasn’t free but that is beside the point. I started to run just for fun and as a meditation in itself. I ran on a track that surrounded a park, it being about 1k long, and flat as a wall. I figured it was perfect for the meditation thing, eliminating the distraction of new terrain and surroundings. I would use that running time to try and focus on what I was doing at hand in each moment, be it breathing, sounds, focused ideas, you name it.Read...
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Member Blog of the Week
A new way to eat for me
By Dunetraveller


I decided earlier this week to do it. I went primal. I was going through the posts by people here in the forum and came across references to primal blueprint. Funny how I have never heard of that before, since it is exactly the sort of thing that would have me reading for hours on end. I am still reading about the diet, but doing it is rather easy and so I cut out all dairy and grains. I used to be a big fan of the low carb six dollar burger while on the road for lunch, but today was the first time I ever ordered one sans cheese and ketchup. I love, love, love cheese, but alas, Grok didn't eat cheese. Poor guy. Still a good lunch item, but different.

Today I had a revelation, but first some background: I have trouble hearing. Well, it's like I hear, but speech recognition is hmmm... fuzzy? I like to read lips to be sure I know for certain what someone said. I also use closed...
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Member Profile of the WeekMichael“Barefoot Kean” Kean“He did the math and took off his shoes”
Michael “Barefoot” Kean is a 20 year-old student living and studying in St. Louis, Missouri, where he attends the St. Louis University and has completed 37.5% of an aerospace degree. Michael is originally from Oklahoma City, though the family moved to Louisiana, then to Germany for a few years, and finally after moving around a bit more, landed in Monett, Missouri, where he lived for 8 years. When replying to our military experience question, Michael cheekily replied "Was a military dependant for a good portion of my life."

Including high school sports, Michael has been running for about 6 years, and has been a member of the BRS for about 6 months. He is also currently the president of the BRS Missouri Chapter. There are two reasons he joined the Barefoot Runners Society: “1.) I wanted to learn all that I could...
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Funny lines for the back of my tee shirt

There's no better way to end a great year at the Barefoot Runners Society than to recap Funny lines for the back of my tee shirt here. The members of the BRS are quite funny, so be prepared for a ton of laughs.

Changing the running world one odd look at a time. ~ Last Place Jason

The road is my custom orthotic. ~ ATL Oso

Barefoot Runners do it with a smile. ~ Barefoot Ramzev

If you are reading this....a barefoot runner just passed you. ~ Bob

Do my feet make my butt look big? ~ Gigowiz

You should've seen the '09 model. ~ ATL Oso

The ultimate in motion control. ~ ATL Oso

The arch IS the support! ~ ATL...