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Member Profile of the Week
Krista "Zapmamak"Cavender
Zen Runner

Zapmamak, a.k.a. Zap on our forums, is legally known as Krista Cavender, a 40 year-old native, or nearly native, Californian. She presently lives in Rocklin, California, having grown up previously in Carmichael, California. After living for 12 years in the Bay Area, she returned to Rocklin to be nearer to extended family while raising her own. She attended San Jose State University, and at some point, jumped the pond where she studied art for about 9 months at Sheffield Hallan University in Sheffield, England. [Beer enters the picture as a major character here, but we’ll save that bit for later.] She has a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts in Photography with a minor in Business and Administration, putting her creative and organizational skills to use as a graphic designer, and lucky for us, occasional contributor to the BRS.

Her immediate family includes her “crazy” and somewhat...
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Jackson Turkey Trot
By John Yohe
Welcome to barefoot running, where almost every run is a new experience, a new adventure.Six weeks ago I ran a PR at the Detroit Marathon, barefoot and happy, no problems at all. Today, I'm wondering if I'll be able to finish a simple 10K. Two big factors are affecting this: One, the colder weather means I'm wearing my moccasins more. No evil arch support, but still covering up the soles. And two, living in Jackson, Michigan, which is not pedestrian friendly at all, and in fact kind of barefoot hateful, so that I find myself covering up even more. These two factors resulted in a weirdness a few weeks ago, when we had a weekend of great warm weather and I went out for many barefoot runs in three days, resulting in my feet being worn down raw, with three points on my left foot actually bleeding at the end of my long Sunday run (I didn't notice how bad it was until I was out at the turn-around point-oops). That resulted in my wearing...
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The Running Event RecapBy Jimmy Hart
My head is still spinning a little from the whirlwind that was The Running Event. The Running Event is a four-day running extravaganza of sorts. All the biggest, best, newest, brightest, and hopeful companies are there to show off their new products for all things running and some that aren’t about running at all. I was invited down to Austin by my friends at ZEM, and I want to extend a big thank you to them for the opportunity. My two days of expo activity were exciting and allowed me to really see what’s out there, and I will tell you there is a lot! I also had a chance to finally meet some people face to face that I have been talking to through email for months and in some cases almost a year.

I was at the event because of an invite from ZEM to come and see the new models they have been...
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Member Blog of the WeekHoly Calamity, Scream Insanity!By Joshh
Mid 20°'s here in Portland today. In my neighborhood on the hill everything is blanketed in white from the season's first snowfall last night. I was eager to go on a short run to maintain the pads and see what it was like to run on the frozen ground and snow. The postings of brave forum members in sub zero places had me pumped to get out and experience it.

For those of you who don't know me, I moved here with my family a few months ago after living in Tahiti for almost 20 years. In Tahiti, we whine when the weather demands more than a pair of board shorts.

Iran from my house uphill to the park entrance where the maze of trails begins. As soon as I reached the fire road that leads to the trail head I was shocked to realize that anywhere that had been muddy was now a bad joke of jagged edges and spikes. The second punch was from City maintenance which had been there recently and cleared off all...