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Dallas White Rock Half Marathon
My first half marathon! Wow...I did it!
By C. Beth Run.

I got up on Saturday and got on the road to Dallas. When I got there, I met up with my friend Megan and her beautiful family--hubby, three kids, and one on the way! I've known Megan since high school, and it's fun that we've ended up living close enough to see each other every once in awhile. With all those kids, you can't fault us for forgetting to take a picture...but I'll always remember the incredible green beans we had at Babe's Chicken. Wow, there may not have been any nutrients left in those suckers, but they sure were good!

After that, I headed to the hotel to get settled in. Then it was time to meet Sasha. I've "known" Sasha for almost five years, but this was the first time we'd met in person. We were on an online message board for our daughters, who are the same age. Since then,...
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Barefoot Run: Ratingen, Germany and the Joy of a Barefoot Child
Part I
By Barefoot Jake

Running in Germany isn't all that different from running in the US. In Ratingen, near Dusseldorf and the Rhein river, it's just a bit hilly, lots of trees, and a cool climate with frequent drizzle. The streets and sidewalks are clean and the trails are extensive. The sport and running mentality, however, is uniquely German.

Take clothing. I've never seen a German runner in sweatpants or a sweatshirt. Not once. From the beginning jogger to the serious competitor, every German has the latest breathable, moisture-wicking, gravity-defying outfit known to man. Unfortunately that also means spandex, and having McDonald's as prevalent in Germany as it is in the States means the view at times is not pretty.

So with the importance German's place on attire, it makes sense that seeing a runner without shoes seems to be an even bigger shock for Germans than most others. Unless you...
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The First 100-MilesBy Barefoot TerryOn November 14, 2010, I ran the inaugural Stockton Half Marathon.About two miles into this event marked my 100th mile running barefoot.This milestone is special to me for two reasons: first, one hundred miles run barefoot is a milestone in itself; second, the race took place in my hometown.Here is a look back at my first 100 barefoot miles.My first barefoot run took place almost a year ago.I had received Christopher McDougall’s book “Born to Run” as a Christmas gift.At that time, I didn’t know that the book had anything to do with barefoot running.I had asked for the book because I had heard about the Tarahumara Indians running incredible distances, and I was looking for inspiration.I had been out of running for about two years.Prior to this break from running, I had run a number of half marathons and three full marathons.Not long after my last marathon, I pulled a muscle in my ribs from a horrendous cough...
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Krista "Zapmamak"Cavender
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Zapmamak, a.k.a. Zap on our forums, is legally known as Krista Cavender, a 40 year-old native, or nearly native, Californian. She presently lives in Rocklin, California, having grown up previously in Carmichael, California. After living for 12 years in the Bay Area, she returned to Rocklin to be nearer to extended family while raising her own. She attended San Jose State University, and at some point, jumped the pond where she studied art for about 9 months at Sheffield Hallan University in Sheffield, England. [Beer enters the picture as a major character here, but we’ll save that bit for later.] She has a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts in Photography with a minor in Business and Administration, putting her creative and organizational skills to use as a graphic designer, and lucky for us, occasional contributor to the BRS.

Her immediate family includes her “crazy” and somewhat...