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Member Profile of the WeekPeggy, a.k.a., “Cali Girl”She's got all the right ingredients
Peggy, or "Cali Girl" to the club, is 38 year-old writer, originally from Imperial Valley, California. She is a fairly new resident of Highland, California, where in addition to two grown children, she’s raising two young ones along with the two dogs Toby and Dancer; two cats, Pippen and Bailey; and lastly, Bongo the Chinchilla. A true California girl, Peggy likes to play outside, especially in the garden, on the beach, or hiking. She also loves to cook and bake, and the cake-decorating classes she's taking are furthering her baking skills. Reading and spending time with friends and family are close to her heart, as well as expanding her circle of friends to include new ones.

Cali Girl has been running since about the same time she joined the BRS, which coincided with the BRS going live last year. Her most memorable running experience was the day she was...
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Don’t get burned:What to consider when picking the best treadmill for barefoot runningBy Tina DuBois of Living Barefoot


Treadmills are ubiquitous in the home and gym. It’s only logical to want to take your enthusiasm for barefoot running indoors and onto the nearest treadmill. In fact, many people will want to try barefoot running on a treadmill before they ever hit the pavement. Doing so is certainly possible but, as I’ve discovered, even on a treadmill there are some careful considerations that should be given when used for barefoot running.

Although I prefer to run outside on trails (and in minimalist footwear), there are times when I would rather run indoors: when the weather is bad or when the trails are too dangerous for my current skill. Sometimes I just want to do a short run and don’t feel like getting all dressed up for appropriate weather conditions. During these times, I would like to run indoors but...
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Member Profile of the WeekJoseph “Joseph Tree” ChristopherRuns with Fishes(On his mind, that is.)
Joseph is a 54 year-old native of Pennsylvania, originally from Scranton. Currently and for last 8 years, he has been living in Audubon, the city that boasts of being the boyhood home of the bird painter. It fits for Joseph, as he is a Tree Man by occupation and a Philosopher by education. He received his BA in Philosophy from the Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia, though it was much smaller and called a “college” when he was there. He shares his home with his wife Kate and three small children; though I wasn’t clear if he has any pets, as he lists names and ages for a boy and two girls in that section, funny guy.

Joseph is another running return, having run 25 years ago for about 12 years then stopping until about 9 months ago. He explains how he came to run again, and why: “Born to Run led me to believe...
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Member Blog of the WeekMy First 5K Mud RunBy Cali Girl
I'm behind due to a week vacationing with the family for spring break. Idid my Mon and Wed run last weeklike normal. Both went exremely well. I am really happy with how using my inhaler has helped with my breahing and how attacking the hills local to me in a slow and steady manner has been going. They don't overwhelm me like they used to.

Ididn't do my Fri run, instead saving it for Sun when my 19 yr old daughter and I ran the San Diego 5k mud run. This was our first mud run and we had absolutely no idea what to expect. Our goal was to finish and finish together. My daughter is a pre-nursing student who also works part time and has no time for extras including exercise most of the time. She was worried about disappointing me. I told her that was crazy since we were going to have fun.

It was overcast, dreary, windy and cold the day of the run. I thought we would freeze before it even got started. lol I was...