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Featured Meetup BRS Canada-Toronto's First Meetup Tannenbaum 10K By Vanessa RunsWeather-wise, this was the most miserable race of my life. It was supposed to snow, but instead, it rained all day. Significantly less pleasant. On top of that, it was incredibly windy, which made it quite cold.
Most of the time it felt like we were running straight into the wind, except for the last 2-3K where the wind was “propelling” us, as Jamie predicted it would. Jamie was one of the four other BRS members who ran on Sunday, besides myself. Alan, Jamie, and I wore BRS shirts. We were also accompanied by Rod and Joani.


I ran with Rod and Jamie for a finish of 1:03. Alan ran like a pro and PRd at 57 mins – no easy...
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Member Profile of the Week“Barefoot Cassie” Howard She ran barefoot from a running shoe store
Barefoot Cassie is a long-time resident of Elgin, Illinois, where she has lived about half of her31 years. Previously, she lived from birth until the age of 7 in Denver, Colorado. She attended Western Illinois University where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in geology. Cassie is presently a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom), raising two very young sons with her husband Greg, and sharing residence with their two cats, Freiya and Mani. Her non-running hobbies include reading, gardening, sewing, and anything crafty or artsy. She also likes a constant variety of color in her environment, since she enjoys repainting the walls in her home fairly often!
Cassie has been a runner for nearly five months. In July, she decided to try running for the first time and was five weeks into a couch to 5K program when she started having hip and knee pain. A trip to...
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First Barefoot Snow Run
By Barefooting Bob

Some might say I have crossed over the line from 'Crazy' to 'Down Right Insane,' if they saw me running around downtown last Friday decked in my winter running gear and no shoes. According to the majority, I was dressed for the weather (I guess that would mean I fall into the minority category) from the ankles up, but supposedly below my ankles were slightly lacking. I actually felt perfectly fine for the situation at hand of trying to dwell into the realms of snow barefoot running.

Who would have guessed that so many people would be concerned about the well being of my feet?

It was a perfectly balmy day in the 'Peg for November (-10 degrees C/ -20 degrees C with the wind chill), partly cloudy with a pleasant swirling wind. The game plan was to do a 5 km loop from the office, thru the forks, up to Main Street and back to the office, all in all, about 30 minutes due to the...
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Boston Bound: Sin City had me at hello
Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon
By Barefoot Glen

I have never competed athletically with another person in my life. That changed after a first round with the Burning Runner at the inaugural Los Angeles Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon. After reading his article Burning Runner: Battling the Barefoot Runner, I was intrigued with the idea of running into my opponent for a second unexpected match, of course at the capital of glamorous sparring matches - Las Vegas. I could just see his next article, "The Burning Runner vs. the Barefoot Runner - the Rematch." He was shooting for an aggressive 1:30 time, but I was up for the challenge.

This would be the last of three half marathons spaced just 3 weeks apart: RnR LA, Silverstrand, and finally RnR Vegas. I've read of runners successfully racing 3 back-to-back half marathons and sometimes making personal records on the second, so I thought, "Why not?" The timing was perfect too...