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Member Blog of the WeekHoly Calamity, Scream Insanity!By Joshh
Mid 20°'s here in Portland today. In my neighborhood on the hill everything is blanketed in white from the season's first snowfall last night. I was eager to go on a short run to maintain the pads and see what it was like to run on the frozen ground and snow. The postings of brave forum members in sub zero places had me pumped to get out and experience it.

For those of you who don't know me, I moved here with my family a few months ago after living in Tahiti for almost 20 years. In Tahiti, we whine when the weather demands more than a pair of board shorts.

Iran from my house uphill to the park entrance where the maze of trails begins. As soon as I reached the fire road that leads to the trail head I was shocked to realize that anywhere that had been muddy was now a bad joke of jagged edges and spikes. The second punch was from City maintenance which had been there recently and cleared off all...
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ANK ReviewBy Jimmy Hart
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I was recently given the opportunity to test/try out a pair of shoes from a company called ANK. I was very excited about this opportunity as these shoes are not in the same category as the shoes that I typically use. The Kiso model I was sent is a five-toed shoe, but it is not exactly minimal, which made me even more curious about them. I wondered if they would be flexible, if the thicker sole would make them less functional, if they would be comfortable, and if they were made well. All of these questions were answered in a very pleasant and surprising way!Yes, this is a five-toed shoe, but it’s not the ones you think. ANK is a new company to the market with a product that in my opinion is a great bridge of the gap between conventional and minimal shoes. They have two models, the Kiso and the Ninva, which are basically the same shoe except for the number of straps...
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Member Profile of the WeekMike “Miker” RivesWill Run For CheetosMike “Miker” Rives, 49, is a country-road runner, having lived the past four years in Skiatook, Oklahoma, (somewhere NW of Tulsa) where he lives with his wife Kyle (pronounced Kylie) and their two sons on 40 acres. The property will soon boast its own private barefoot running trails through the woods, built by Mike himself, so that he can run on “clean” trails for which barefoot running has given him a newfound appreciation.He attended the University of Oklahoma and the University of Missouri where he earned a BBA-OU and a MBA-MU. Mike is a busy running his own granite business (he’s fourth generation of a stone business family), sharing in the raising of his sons who are also home-schooled, and minding the family dogs, Zookie, a Lab/Pyrenees mix; Buttercup, a Dutch Shepherd; and Missus, a Dalmatian; plus 4 cats; 3 horses; and 60+ chickens, which he insists...
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Stone Cat Trail MarathonBy SillyC
I‘ve been running for about nine years, and I swore I’d never run a marathon. I’d heard about this “Wall,” and it sounded like torture. The training sounded brutal and devoid of fun. To be honest, for almost all of those years, a marathon was out of reach for me anyway, since I only ran about 12 miles a week.

Then came barefoot running, and everything changed. Within months, I was running faster, farther, more often, and getting much more pleasure out of it. On a whim, in August, I compared my recent mileage to some marathon training plans and realized I could be tuned up to run a marathon in about 8 weeks. I searched around for some local races, and found one that was 12 weeks away – the Stone Cat Trail Marathon and 50 mile race – and I signed myself up.
Since the race was almost a 2 hour drive from my house and started at 6 AM, I spent the night at a hotel closer to the venue. The hotel had...