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Product Review:From a Feet Perspective
By Barefoot Jake

Hello. Let me introduce myself. I'm a foot. Actually, I'm two feet. I have the standard homo sapien five appendages per side with 26 bones, 33 joints, and over a hundred ligaments, tendons and muscles. I'm attached to Jake's body. Jake's brain asked me to do a product review of Jake's body to which we both belong. It's my first product review, so please be gentle.

A little background. This all got started about 40 years ago. We were happily living in some kind of Kevin Costner-esque water scene when we got squeezed into this cold world, dripping wet without a stitch on us. The mouth immediately began to LOUDLY object. To be honest, Jake's mouth has gotten the rest of us in a lot of trouble since then, like that one time with the Russian guy in the Danish bar, or the other day when it suggested Jake's wife might need a nap. We think the problem is the mouth's disconnect with the brain, or maybe too strong a...
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Ask the Doc
Michael Nirenberg, DPM
When It Comes to Minimalist Shoes, Size Matters

A question from Joe Zto Dr. Mike:
Doc, I think I have either a stress fracture or a neuroma. My essential question is this: Can a stress fracture start out by feeling numb or tingly?
My second and third toes on my left foot go numb and tingly feeling when I run. At first, several weeks ago, this tingly feeling would go away shortly after my run was over. More recently, this area has become tight feeling all day, almost painful (and I am not sure, but I think it looks very slightly swollen). Due to the tingly feeling, I originally thought this might be a neuroma. However, it is now starting to feel more like a stress fracture (I had one last year). The "pain-like feeling," as I am calling it, seems to be centered at the base of my third toe (in the metatarsal-phalangeal joint, I think its called).
This all began once I started to wear minimalist shoes full-time, once the cold...
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Member Blog of the Week
So I've been wondering...
(prepare for rambling)
By Danjo we even have to be in shape to run barefoot? I mean I'm not saying that anyone would have to be in shape before they went running, that doesn't even make sense, but do we have to be in shape to go out and run as far as we want to? I probably wouldn't have thought about it much, except for the hills. I haven't really been running all that much since August (when I started going 100% barefoot), getting maybe 10 miles a week at the most, but it didn't seem to affect my distance or speed at all (even though I'd been doing around 50 mpw all summer). Then in November, I joined the swim team, and between school and swimming, I didn't get around to running all month. I've gone running maybe 5 times since November, but 2 of those were 4.5 milers, at the same speed as I used to do the loop shod, and I was no more tired afterwards. In fact, the only reason I haven't gone...
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No Nonsense Here
Abide, as we know him on the forums, is 31 years old and livesin Peoria, Arizona, with his extended family of“three chickens, two mutts, and two monkeys....I mean children.” Though originally from Elgin, Illinois, it is the west which calls to him. “I talked my wife into buying a piece of land in Colorado and building a house on it. We tried to camp initially, but then it snowed a foot in May and caved in our tent. We ended up renting a 150 square foot cabin down the street for the next year while we finished building the house. We built the entire house from the ground up with our own two hands. Now we travel back to Colorado a couple of times each year to enjoy it with hopes of moving back some day.
Besides building a house and camping, Abide’s free time is spent mostly playing with his sons and as he says, “hanging with the family...when I am not doing that, I love to hike, snowboard, hit a...