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Barefoot Todd Byers Completes His 100th 102nd Barefoot MarathonAn InterviewThis is an interview long deserved and long overdue. As some of you may know, Barefoot Todd has completed his 102nd barefoot marathon. That huge accomplishment should not go unrecognized. Todd is quite possibly the only documented barefoot runner to acheive such status. Todd also stands as a testiment to those of us who struggle to complete even just one marathon, barefoot or shod. I was honored to be able to interview Todd about his running and am pleased to share it here with you.How long have you been running?
I ran track in high school but did not start distance running (farther than to the refrigerator for beer) until after I graduated college in 1986.How long have you been running barefoot?
I started in 2000 or 2001with Barefoot Ken Bob's influence and tutelege and do not intend to stop!!Why do you choose to run...
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Member Profile of the WeekNeil“Neil_D” DonaldsonLots of Pain = The Ultimate Gain
In keeping with our international profiles lately, Neil_D, age 47, contributes to the BRS from Adelaide, South Australia, though he hails originally from Hyde, Cheshire, England. He works as an Electronics Design Engineer, having obtained a BSc of Electronics Engineering from Manchester Polytechnic and claims for his hobbies playing guitar (he was a punk rocker in the 70s) and some singing, though with the caveat is that beer is involved. These days he’s mainly vegetarian in order to “step lightly on the earth,” a mindset that naturally compliments running lightly on the earth.

Neil has been running for 37 years, and his history is littered with successes and setbacks due to multiple injuries. As a young boy running was a means to escape the prison-like confines of his school by getting out into nature for a bit during sports days. Not one to enjoy...
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Featured MeetupSan Francisco Area Chapter Group Run - SacramentoBy Barefoot Terry
On the morning of March 6th, I headed out to meet with fellow barefoot runners from the SF Area Chapter of the Barefoot Runners Society at the Consumnes River Preserve for a group run. The no-show rain that had been forecast earlier in the week finally made its appearance. During the 20-minute drive out to the preserve there was a steady rain. Upon arriving at the preserve, I noted only one vehicle and it was parked on the roadside not in the visitor parking area. As I pulled up I noticed why - the gate was still locked. I hopped out of my truck and walked over to the other car. It turned out to be Running Romeo.

Since we were both a little early for the run, we decided to take shelter and chat to get to know one another - not to mention, the rain was still a steady drizzle. We chatted about our paths toward barefoot running and stories about barefoot races we had run. After...
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Member Profile of the WeekNathan “Inbetweenmytoes” SmithNever Say Never
Nathan “inbetweenmytoes” Smith is a 35 year-old resident of Cardston, Alberta, Canada, where he lives with his wife Gen and their four children. He grew up in a small farming community just outside the Park, and while he left the area for about 12 years, he found his way back 8 years ago. He boasts the Waterton National Park as being his backyard, and the proximity to this wilderness is quite convenient to satisfy the outdoor interests he loves, which include camping, hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking. Nathan attended Brigham Young University, obtaining a BS in Recreation Management & Youth Leadership, with a minor in Family Science, and is currently employed as a School Counselor. Prior to settling down, he used his fluent Romanian 15 years ago while on a two-year missionary trip to Romania; then following his marriage, returned there with Gen for a...