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Happy Birthday, BRS!
You Are One Year Old Today!!!!
By Nyal Davidsson
Quite often when a runner makes the odd choice of removing their traditional running shoes, they begin a process that changes them and how they view running forever. It has often been stated, and rightly so, that barefoot running is an entirely different sport, but what is most remarkable is that few runners taking those first few ginger steps know that there is an adventure in their futures.
The BRS reflects this process in a unique fashion. I wonder whether the principles behind the venture had any inkling of what they were about to create. Did they envision the people they were about to meet, the relationships they were about to sow, the trove of handy and insightful information they would synthesize?
A few short years ago, there were many people who ran barefoot without these advantages, like founding member Tamara Gerken, a.k.a., Barefoot TJ, who recently chatted with me about...
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Member Blog of the WeekBarefoot Run:Milano, Italy, and the next "Godfather"By Barefoot JakeSo a little while back, I was in Milano, Italy on a two-day business trip. I had just started running barefoot and was a little apprehensive about it, especially in Italy. You see, while Italy is one of the most beautiful places in the world, it's definitely not the cleanest. I've run around or over everything from dead dogs to needles, condoms, and glass. You name it. And the roads are heavily damaged from the summer heat, and maintenance is limited.But on this trip, I ran into a fascinating character. I was barefoot and running through the suburb of San Vittore Olona. Passing one of those quaint little bar/restaurant/pizzerias you see everywhere, the door to the bar opened and out stepped a young man in his early thirties wearing a t-shirt and soiled jeans. Unfortunately, I got a good look at him only because, due to the tight sidewalk right in front of the bar...
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Member Profile of the WeekChris "DNEChris" HawsonYou Can Take the Boy Out of the Country...Chris Hawson, also known as DNEChris on the forums, is 55 and has lived in New York City, New York, for the past 20 years. He admits he is really a “country boy” who has been trapped in Manhattan. Chris is originally from Sheffield, England. He is married to Ruth and they have 2 children. He works as a Sporting Goods Buyer. He enjoys drinking, eating, and XC skiing whenever the opportunity presents itself.He has been running on and off for the past 45 years and is a member of the Barefoot Runners NYC group. He has achieved a 3:45 in the marathon distance, but he enjoys running any distance over 5 miles.His most memorable running experiences were “Running the Snowdon Horseshoe in North Wales – it’s normally a scramble!" And he includes, “I did an accidental barefoot 29 miler recently – that was pretty cool in retrospect.” His...
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Detroit Marathon

By John "StJohnTheGambler" Yohe

I'm exhausted already. I had to get up at four o'clock in order to drive from Jackson to be here in Detroit at six. The race is at seven, and already parking is congested.But I find a good spot close to the finish for a quick get away. The one time I decided to actually get a hotel room the night before, planning way ahead so as to ensure getting a room, the hotel goes out of business a month before. Okay, well, that'll save me a hundred bucks, but man, seeing as how I was nervous the night before, I'm not running on much sleep.
I shouldn't be too nervous really, since I ran this same race, almost the same route, last year (see some of my earlier blog posts) with success, meaning I finished, barefoot. This year, I won't be carrying my VFFs as a back up, no Plan B this time. The one thing I am a little...not nervous about, but concerned perhaps, is the fact that my feet don't exactly have their ideal hobbit feet...