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The Invention of Shoes, By Bulbus Buggins
By Barefoot Jake

Once upon a time, a boy named Fredo Buggins lived in the land of Piddle Searth. His people, the Habbits, had been around for hundreds of thousands of years and were quite advanced as a culture. They built sturdy shelters, developed complex tools for hunting and gathering, educated their young Habbits, and lived long lives. They walked and ran everywhere, and they wore nothing on their feet.

Fredo was a typical 16 year old Habbit boy. He went to school, did his homework, and played outside until his mom called him in for supper. Fredo's favorite games were throw the log, catch the log, jump over the log, roll the log, and see who could carry the log the farthest and the fastest. Fredo wasn't the best at these games, but he was better than most. And he'd play and play until his mother got tired of calling him and would drag him out of the forest.

Fredo's friend, Nudley, didn't like playing log games. His...
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24 for 24 Hour Run for the Homeless
October 29 & 30, 2010
By Barefoot Rick Roeber

Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Track surface technology has certainly evolved throughout the decades. I imagine that dirt tracks were the first to be engineered. Then, came cinder tracks which gave athletes the benefit of surface stability along with better drainage and drying capability. Then, we saw tracks evolve to harder surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. Over the past couple of decades, we've seen the introduction of the rubberized track surface. Originally, these were created with a somewhat smooth surface -- not exactly ideal for wet conditions as they would sometimes add to "slippage" for runners. While a liability for shod runners, these were ideal for barefoot runners. (I have recommended these in the past to new barefoot runners.) They afforded a smooth texture and additionally a somewhat cushioned surface to run...
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Barefoot Des Moines Marathon
By Barefoot Angie Bee

The 2010 Des Moines Marathon was my first barefoot marathon, the first of many barefoot marathons to come.
I have hit many speed bumps along the way this year and have had to change my perspective and expectations I have placed on myself.I had anemia over the summer and started working for nuun active hydration so I had to modify my diet and training in order to make it to the finish line.

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Wild Life Half-MarathonBy John "StJohnTheGambler" YoheI probably shouldn't be here. I'm going to be running the Detroit Marathon next week, but I'd probably be taking a two hour run today, Sunday, anyways, and this half marathon (and marathon too) is right in my back yard, on very familiar territory: The Wild Life Marathon, Half-Marathon, Walking Half-Marathon, and 5K start out in Concord, a small town/village just west of Jackson, where I now live (again). The majority of my race will be on the Falling Waters Trail, a ten mile paved trail between Jackson and Concord and an old railroad lane going through some of the most quiet and scenic land in Jackson County. In fact, the Jackson end starts almost outside my apartment door, and I've made the long run all the way to Concord a few times this summer. I feel obligated to come out and support the race, which is new, in its second year now, and it’s a pleasant surprise in an area not known for its interest in...