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Aventure : 3 500 km et 80 jours à courir sans chaussures, Florian Gomet raconte

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Aventure : 3 500 km et 80 jours à courir sans chaussures, Florian Gomet raconte
Florian Gomet lors de sa traversée de l'Europe. (Hervé Deschamps)
Florian Gomet lors de sa traversée de l'Europe. (Hervé Deschamps)
Florian Gomet a réalisé un périple de 3 500 km entre Nantes et la mer Noire : 88 jours, sans chaussures, sans équipement, sans argent, et en ne mangeant que des fruits et des légumes. Ce trentenaire au mode de vie minimaliste revient...
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Meet the Yakima man who strived to walk barefoot around the world
By King5

You’ve probably never heard of Hippolyte Martinet. But once you learn about his journey, you’ll never forget him.

"That was a story I had to share," Martinet's great-great niece, Micae Martinet said. "From what I understand, it started out as a spirited debate between his brother and himself."

It was 1920, just after the end of World War I and the last great flu pandemic, when the Yakima cabinet maker declared he was ready to set out on an adventure across the United States and around the world.

To continue reading, please visit: https://www.king5.com/article/enter...orld/281-df6d25ec-18a7-445f-b4e3-15eb2e9b98b2

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Navan dad runs 50 mile barefoot marathon for animal sanctuary
By Meath Chronicle

An ultra-endurance athlete from Navan who successfully took on the challenge of running a 50-mile marathon barefoot says the experience connected him with his son who tragically passed away away he was just one-day old.

On September 27th Ian Lawton (49) completed just under two full marathons running 33 2.5km loops on the Hill of Tara totalling 81km in an incredible time of 13 hours.

Animal lover Ian came up with the idea to raise money to build a new home for two pigs in Back into Daylight, an animal Sanctuary in Navan that houses and cares for over 400 animals. To continue reading, please visit: https://www.meathchronicle.ie/2020/...-mile-barefoot-marathon-for-animal-sanctuary/...
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Bored of the pandemic, Indonesians compete in night running

By TRTWorld

The trend has landed on the wrong side of the law as it has drawn police crackdowns for attracting on-spot betting.
Night running has become all the rage in Indonesia. It is being traced back to the boredom brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, it having pushed young people to find alternatives to casual night outs.

From early August of this year, an increasing number of young Indonesians are hitting the streets barefoot to compete in nightlong running competitions.

The winner either takes home the memories of loud cheers and clapping, or a financial prize, ranging from $40-60 (Rp 700.000- Rp 900.000).

The money comes through on-spot betting: runners who take the first spot get their cut.

Since the Indonesian law prohibits any kind of gambling, the entire scene has...