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'Barefoot runner' keeps Island Relay streak

By Saipan Tribune

Chang Wan Jang took part in his first Christmas Island Relay more than 30 years ago and was not about to stop come hell or highwater—or in this case COVID-19.

The 70-year-old was one of two official entries who forgot the “relay” part of the race and ran the 13.7 mile-long race solo.

The physical education teacher at Hopwood Middle School ran—again barefoot as his signature—with one of his friends and completed the route from the Pacific Islands Club Saipan in San Antonio to the Last Command Post in Marpi in 2:43:13.

To continue reading, please visit: https://www.saipantribune.com/index.php/barefoot-runner-keeps-island-relay-streak/...
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With Xero Shoes' "YOUR CHOICE" Giveaway Contests, now you can choose the minshoes you want! So many to choose from. Enjoy!

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I know how some of you feel about barefoot runners who raise funds for "shoes for the poor," but this is a little different, and well, this guys deserves recognition too.

Barefoot Racer Raises Awareness
Butler County Times-Gazette

Thomas “The Barefoot Wonder” Plush is how Mud-Gear Battle of the Lions (BOTL) Pro-Team identifies their newest team athlete. But Plush is so much more than that.

He identifies himself as a husband and father, first, a nurse, fireman, barefoot runner with the team and most recently he added the title of 2021 OCR Relay World Champion.

Obstacle course racing (OCR) is a sport where competitors, traveling on foot, must overcome various physical challenges in the form of obstacles. Races can vary from Ninja Warrior-type races, to track races or urban and cross country races. In cross country races, mud and trail runs are often combined and...
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Ran the Hong Kong half-marathon barefoot... and achieved a personal best!

By Visions Of Asia

Hello guys.
Sorry for not having been much around, but I have basically been locked up in 60 km² for two years because of the very stringent Covid quarantine rules in Hong Kong (21 days in a hotel if you are coming back from a "high-risk" area (basically 90 countries already). Not much to tell that I have not already done, so judged it was better not to bore you with the details of my training...

Anyway, earlier, end of October, the authorities decided to allow the Hong Kong marathon to go on, this time, conditional to all participants being vaccinated and tested prior to the race.

If anybody recalls, my previous half-marathon was about two years ago, on a very hilly terrain. This time, the terrain being flatter, I managed to surprise myself with a personal best, at 2h26. Great...