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Barefoot in the Snow

By Pavol Sovič

I asked our friend Pavol to summarize a recent article for us English folks. Pavol is also hosting an event for IBRD, the 1st Barefoot Half Marathon in Bratislava. Thank you, Pavol!

Runner Pavol Sovič has dropped his shoes and improved his health.

Whole the article is about the fool from Slovakia that was ready to get out of his shoes and clothes and show that barefoot run in the -7°C is not so big problem. The first part is mainly about the amazement of the editor if it is real :eek:) Then in the part “In Frost” (mainly with bold letters) is about the subject of hardening end what for feelings do you have in frost and snow. Be honest, the feeling is about nothing :eek:) I only guard the colour of my feet. If there is red colour, that’s fine because the blood takes the care about correct circulation, but be aware about white colour...
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Officer Thomas Giunta
5K Memorial Road Race


Finished my first official 5K race yesterday. I was a bit anxious, but excited, and my wife ran the race also. She passed me at about 2.5 miles on a hill and she greeted me at the finish. She is great on hills! Only one person spoke to me about about bare feet, and asked if I had read "Born to Run" (which I haven't, but I've definitely heard about it). I did get a lot of looks though, some curious, some confused.

It was cold, so I wore my SNOX socks to the starting line, and put them in my pockets about 10 minutes before we started. I had a sweatshirt but ran with it tied around my waist.

In spite of the cold, it was a GREAT first experience of running in a crowd. Looking forward to more! Might never have happened without being motivated here, so thanks to all barefooters here!...
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Barefoot Autism Challenge
Autism Awareness Month

April 1 thru April 30


Get your BAC Tee Shirt and other gear here: https://www.zazzle.com/bac_2017_store If there's something you like that's not on the store, you can create it, or you can ask Tyler to help you put it on the store.

Barefoot Autism Challenge Mission Statement

The second, international Barefoot Autism Challenge will take place from April 1, 2018, through April 30, 2018. We hope this will be a virtual, annual event where...
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Meet the couple who ran 6500 miles across South America – "Minimal"
By Telegraph.co.uk

Our thermometer read 32F (0C). A blizzard tore at our faces. We could barely see the opposite bank of the metallic slick of water that rushed menacingly past us. Our only option was to swim.

It was July 28 2012 and the sound of the Olympic gun was resonating through the streets of London. However, my husband David and I were standing at Cape Froward, the southernmost tip of South America, after having forded four glacier-fed rivers, before starting our expedition: running the whole length of the continent.

We would travel 6,504 miles (10,467km) through five countries in 15 months. Starting in Chile, we would run the entire “Carretera Austral”– a 1,000-mile (1,609km) road – through temperate rainforest and under snow-capped mountains. To continue reading, please visit:...