by Barefoot TJ at 2:05 PM
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FUNDRAISER TIME! Get Out Of Jail Free Card
Support Your Club [​IMG]


Thank you so much BareFootHeath for contributing this very clever slogan and artwork! We appreciate you! Members, you can use this artwork to make a card to show anyone, police included, who stops you to harass you about your running barefoot. Tell them to contact TJ!

****With a major site and modules upgrade on...
by Lambda at 7:16 AM
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Marathon de Camargue 2019
By Lambda

Ce samedi avait lieu, dans le cadre du Grand Raid de Camargue, le Marathon de Camargue, dont on a pris le départ avec @GT179.
Comptes rendus et photos à venir, un peu plus tard dans la semaine en ce qui me concerne.

On y a rencontré Nathalie, qui court pieds nus et en sandales, et Tristan, qui court en minimalistes (Altra), que l'on croisera peut-être sur ce forum, et/ou à Onnion dans deux semaines.

En attendant, voilà le parcours enregistré par mon GPS.

by Pablo Miguel at 10:56 PM
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Laguna Hills Memorial Day10K

By Pablo Miguel

It goes without saying, better late than never….
Here’s my race report (really late race report!!!) for the Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half Marathon 10K & 5K race on May 27, 2019.

After a little more than a year of taking on barefoot running, I decided it was time to test myself by entering a race. Since I was already running 5 miles unshod on concrete every Saturday during the prior 2 months, I thought I was ready for a 10K race.

Before registering to the event, I made an inquiry in the California/L.A. chapter and Barefoot Ken Bob was kind enough to reply and gave some advice:
I also had the opportunity to meet Barefoot Ken Bob a couple of days...
by trevize1138 at 9:55 AM
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The North Face Endurance Challenge, WI, 50 Mile
By Trevize1138

I cut this one close. Cutoff time was 13 hours. My friend and I crossed the line with only 25 minutes to spare!

That's all we asked for though: just to finish our first 50 miler. We've both done 50ks before and I'm here to say that back-to-back marathons is definitely next level and we couldn't have done it without running the whole way together as a team.

We were also the only guys in huaraches I saw. I did the first 11 miles unshod and my friend tried a couple miles in the middle holding his sandals. I'd say about 80% of the course was nice, smooth dirt and grass but the super rocky climbs and descents were frequent enough that sandals were a must and after a point of extreme exhaustion the act of slipping them off and on was too much.

Those first 11 miles felt great, too. As did the next 11 miles. Overall we...