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Three Creeks 10K
By Tristan-OH

That's Amber and myself; she ran 55:45 for her second (and fastest) 10k, and placed first in her age group. I have not been able to bring her to the darkside, even though her wiener dog tried to help by destroying her new running shoes the night before the race (the ones there are actually pretty old)!

I was sporting my old BRS shirt, lots of comments on this race, all pretty positive!

Once again it was nearly too cold to run barefoot. Was around 37F for the race. I can go mid 30's is about all, and for a race when I know I'm going to be a little distracted and not concentrating as much on form I don't like to be so close to going numb. But I decided to go for it. At first they were a bit cold, but warmed up fine after about a mile. Not sure if that had anything to do with the extra wear on my soles (below)....
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BRS 2012-2013 Winter Challenge
By Barefoot YOW

Barefoot in the Winter? Are you Crazy?

I guess the short answer is YES, but I’m not alone.

left to right (Barefoot YOW's footprints, Mikkel, Barefooting Bob, rickwhitelaw, YOW)

The BRS 2012 Winter Challenge has come and gone. 46 members from 8 countries, joined our Challenge this year, which ran from Oct 1st to Apr 1st. Any barefoot run with the temperature below 41°F (5°C) was a qualifying run. The Challenge had participants record the distance they ran per temperature range. Some ran only a mile or two while others ran 100s of miles. The point of the Challenge was to encourage all to try running in the near or sub-freezing temperatures. And try they did. As a group, we ran 2323...
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Mt Tammany 10... a race report... sort of...
By Triing

The bigger the challenge, the bigger the disappointment when you fail. Mt Tammany 10 was undoubtedly the biggest thing I've ever attempted. It's a little known 38 mile trail run with an elevation gain of over 12000 ft held at Mt Tammany near the Delaware Water Gap in NJ. You simply ascend and descend a steep, ROCKY hill 10 times around an almost 4 mile loop. Oh... and you get 10 hours to do it in.

Lesson learnt #1: When you sign up for a race find out what it involves before you start training.

I trained. Just not for this race. I ran gentle trails and roads. I suspended swimming and upper body workout and lost weight. I stopped cycling to tone down my quads and lost weight. I made a deliberate attempt to improve my cadence instead. In short I trained for a very different race.

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I'll tell ya where I've been....
By Otoole4info

Ok, so I'm gonna blog and I'm gonna do so here on BRS's site (Because TJ said to do it! Now if she told me to jump off a bridge, or if anyone of you told me to....... Well I would atleast consider it and weigh it out before making a decision, you never know the jump might be worth it).

I'm less than a year in my competition (if you want to call it that) running of races and events.

1st event was run shod in a pair of my lawn mowing sneakers - Rugged Run For Respect 8/18/2012 at Bristol Ski Resort in Upstate NY - Did this event as a team run, we were "Team Honey Badger" - I finished next to dead last..... I wanted to be the last of my team to cross the line since I sort of headed the whole thing up.

2nd event, The Wineglass Half Marathon 9/30/2012 run shod..... My time...