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1. Pfälzer Felsen Trail
By Jesko

English translation is below.
Translation courtesy of Susafras. Thanks, Susafras!

Es war mal wieder soweit ein Lauf musste her und zwar kein einfacher. Wir entschlossen uns (meine Tochter und ich) unseren Sommer Urlaub in der Pfalz und Umgebung zu Verbringen. Das trifft sich sehr gut denke ich und melde mich gleich bei einem guten Lauf freund von mir zum 1. Pfälzer Felsen Trail an. Diesen will ich natürlich Barfuß Laufen. Es geht über insgesamt 45Km mit etlichen Höhenmetern. Das tolle an dem Lauf ist das man an mehreren Stationen aussteigen kann wenn man genug hat.
Es ist auch ein Freundschaftslauf also kein Rennen um die Sekunden. Das passt zu mir ohne stress Idyllisch durch den Pfälzer Wald laufen das kann nur toll werden.
Vor allem...
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Suggs Sports Medicine Symposium
By Barefoot Ken Bob

The Suggs Sports Medicine Symposium in Springfield Illinois on 2012 August 3 Friday featured Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton.​

Ken Bob Saxton was the featured speaker at the Suggs SportsMedicine Symposium in Springfield Illinois on 2012 August 3 Friday. This is a very short clip from a much longer presentation, which was also followed by one of Ken Bob's Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shops (ie; workshop or clinic).​

Here is a short clip:​

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Mike, Janson, Jen, Chris, Katherine, John

Featured Meetup
Oregon Chapter, Pacific Northwest(ish)
Prepare To Die!

Perhaps it’s the name of the run that keeps the numbers down: “Prepare To Die!” sounds, well, intimidating. As is the description: twenty miles total. Ten miles up to the top of Larch Mountain, and then back down, on apparently very rocky trails, the kind that would be intimidating to regular shod runners, only we’re a bunch of crazy barefoot runners. Not only that, but this isn’t even a ‘real’ paid-for event. We’re all volunteers. Madness. Only weirdoes from Oregon would do something like this!

group wierd.jpg

As a newly arrive transplant from Michigan, I am gradually becoming a weirdo. I ran with...
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Columbus Half Marathon
By Tristan with contribution by Hannah

August 12th was a day of many firsts for me. My first barefoot half marathon (first half marathon period). And also my first real barefoot race - I did do a 5k earlier in the year barefoot but I ran at a friends much slower pace so I wasn't really racing. I also got to run with another barefooter for the first time... BarefootHannahC Thanks for coming down Hannah! Oh and this is my first ever race report!

I couldn't really have asked for better weather for August. For the last couple months its been a heat wave here, breaking many records actually. But as the race approached the weather started looking cooler and cooler. It was an early race, 7am, and last I had checked the hourly weather the night before it indicated at 7am temps would be 59F and 100% humidity. That sounds pretty...