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Experiment in Running Through the Pain with Barefoot Techniques –
Evaluating the Pain - Parts 1 & 2
By Happysongbird

The body is very reliable about sending signals of discomfort. Whether you call it anything from pain to tightness, the brain gets the message and pesters you with it. I categorize these discomforts in ways that help me decide how to proceed with my activities.

For the first lap, I struggled to find a warm-up pace that didn’t aggravate my knee. I knew from past experiences that a quicker pace can feel better, but my muscles would appreciate some time to activate before I got going toooo...
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Joint Coupling: New Insights in Reducing Running Injuries
By Dr. Emily Splichal, DPM

Running is one of the most common forms of exercise, with benefits ranging from weight loss to cardiovascular conditioning. Despite the millions of dollars spent on research to advance shoe design and orthotic modifications, there is still a high rate of lower extremity injuries among runners.In fact a 2007 review by Wen estimated running injury rates as high as 79%!

As a result of the high injury rate among runners, many runners are looking for new ways to reduce their risk of injury.From motion controlled sneakers and orthotics to minimalist footwear, the theories on how to reduce risk of injury are vast.But what is the most effective technique for reducing risk of injury as a...
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Does “Lifting the Foot” Make Us Slower?
By Jason Robillard

I conducted a clinic this weekend in conjunction with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella at Two Rivers Treads, his minimalist shoe store in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. I like events like this because it gives me the opportunity to learn along with teaching. In this case, I got to see many of Mark’s awesome drills and explanations in person.

We also had a few good discussions on various elements of running form. In particular, someone asked about lifting their feet. Back in the day I used to teach people to lift their feet as a means of softening their foot strikes. It proved to be effective.

However, I abandoned it last year as part of the simplified methods I started using when conducting Merrell Bareform clinics. It was an unnecessary step that just...
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A News Story About Orthotics
By Bob Neinast, a.k.a., Ahcuah

There was a story in the New York Times last week about the relative ineffectiveness of orthotics.

It seems that they often don’t do much.

The first story, published on January 18, is Close Look at Orthotics Raises a Welter of Doubts. It highlights Professor Benno Nigg at the University of Calgary. Here’s the money paragraph from the article:

His overall conclusion: Shoe inserts or orthotics may be helpful as a short-term solution, preventing injuries in some athletes. But it is not clear how to make inserts that work. The idea that they are supposed to correct mechanical-alignment problems does not hold up.