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Featured Meetup - Australia-Sydney
A VERY early morning run along some of Sydney’s famous beaches
By Spiderweb62

It is now been a few months since we started the Sydney group runs, and we met at various places around Sydney. So far, the group is been consistent in size, there is George Carter who is the veteran in terms of BF running, Shaun Daws and myself. I suspect that the time at which we meet (6:30am) probably has something to do with it, but hey ! There is a french word that says the future is for those who start early ! :)

This month we met at Coogee, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, there is a wonderful route from Coogee to Bondi, along the beaches. This is one of Sydney’s favorite destination for Sunday walk/run, so starting early was a good thing, as it can get really busy.

We leave...
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Going Sub-10 hours: Barefoot 100km Ultra
By Dayrunner
After clocking 11h17min for my 100km split in a 24hr track race run barefoot last June, I was left wondering how long it would take to run a dedicated 100km race barefoot. This February I therefore put myself to the test at the Stromlo 100km & 12hr Race, held in the Australian capital, Canberra.

This race was designated the Australian national 100km championship, and there was excitement as one of Australia’s Olympic Marathon runners, Martin Dent would be competing and having a go at his first 100km. I was excited for other reasons too; this race was to be held on a 1km tarmac looped course within a cycling criterium, which was an irregular shape (including a hairpin bend), with a rise and fall from one end to the next. How would my feet and legs hold up on this surface? How would the...
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BRS members experience success and just plain, good, old fun!

Caesar Rodney Half
By Barefoot Ramzev
I ran the Caesar Rodney 1/2 marathon in Wilmington, DE yesterday. It was a chilly day and the course was very hilly, but I managed to run a PR by almost a minute. Previous PR was 1:46:50, yesterday I ran a 1:45:58. This is the oldest continuously run road race in the United States, it was the 50th running.

Pic from the race, I'm in red.

I had some great comments during this race. Funny how people assume you are deaf if you're running barefoot, and you can't hear them talking about you.

One guy said that he felt...
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Experiment in Running Through the Pain with Barefoot Techniques –
Evaluating the Pain - Parts 1 & 2
By Happysongbird

The body is very reliable about sending signals of discomfort. Whether you call it anything from pain to tightness, the brain gets the message and pesters you with it. I categorize these discomforts in ways that help me decide how to proceed with my activities.

For the first lap, I struggled to find a warm-up pace that didn’t aggravate my knee. I knew from past experiences that a quicker pace can feel better, but my muscles would appreciate some time to activate before I got going toooo...