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You Know You’re a Barefoot Runner When…
By MuddyJ

You know you’re a Barefoot Runner when… (in no particular order)

  1. ….You can quote “Born to Run” verbatim, AND reference the chapter the aforementioned quote came from….
  2. ….You refer to shoes as “foot coffins“….
  3. ….when re-meeting people whom you have previously met at other races/events, you show them your feet and they say, “Ah HA! now I remember you! “
  4. ….You pronounce “Tarahumara” correctly… (Tara-oo-mara)
  5. ….Though you may have never met him, you can hear...
by Dr James Stoxen DC at 9:35 PM
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What Is Foot Pronation and Foot Supination? Is It Good or Bad?
Video Tutorial #157a

You go to your doctor and they say, “Your feet pronate too much or over pronate.

I'm sure that is what someone said to you which prompted you to google this article.

There are many ways to describe over pronation but the way I describe it is when the foot rolls outside a range I call the safe range between rolling from the outside of the foot to the inside of the foot.

This is what many call over pronation, excessive pronation, hyper pronation or sometimes called fallen arches.

Have you been told by your doctor that you have flat feet? Or do your feet supinate too much which is called over supination or...
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Support Your Club
Dear Friends,​
The Barefoot Runners Society needs your support.
As you know, the BRS is funded and operated solely by its members. A modest income from advertising and tee shirt sales no longer covers the monthly costs for running and maintaining the site. That's right....​
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The Accidental Barefoot Runner – From Zero Running to Barefoot Marathon in 10 Months and Beyond
By HappySongBird

When 15 year old Chandler Prohl’s mom signed him up for the 2012 Race to Robie Creek half marathon (13.1 miles) he was not a runner. His mom had run several races, including a couple of half marathons, though, and would give him training guidance. But Chandler had always hated shoes. Since he thought he needed some for running, he went shopping and found some Vibram Five Fingers and began 4 months of half serious training. He ran 3 to 4 times a week, only getting up to an 8 mile distance a couple of times right before the race. His Vibrams had been giving him...