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How The Heel On Your Running Shoe May Be Harming Your Body
By Dr. Michael Nirenberg, DPM

Most women know that high heels are not good for their feet. Clearly, a high heeled shoe forces women to adjust their posture unconsciously as they stand and walk. Today, I want to talk about theeffect that a heel of ANY height can have on our entire body. So men this article applies to you too!

Any Heel Height is Too High

When I talk about a high heel, I am talking about any shoe that causes your heel to sit higher than the ball of your foot. This is the kind of high heel found on running shoes, walking shoes and even some women’s “flats” and male dress shoes.

In simple terms see the diagram above, which...
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Wildwood Trail Half Marathon
By Paraganek

Really enjoyed this race, got lots of comments and laughing. Everyone on the trail mostly called me "The Zebra Man" but for the kids I was always "The Caveman" :woot:

Since TJ posted this on the Front Page, I am adding a couple more details.
Got all positive comments, people were really friendly and curious. The very first one was "I hope you have your tweezers and antiseptic with you" :-D when joining the bib pickup line.
Another girl wants to see bottoms of my feet after the race. I guess some people are still having hard time believing running barefoot doesn't hurt you.
Trail was mostly hard packed soil/dirt with some gravely sections. Out and back, 925 feet elevation gain to the turning point, all downhill the second half.
Finished in 01:56 having blast. Placed 6th in my AG (65 out of 250...
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Injury: Top-of-the-Foot Pain-Treatment and Recovery
By Jimmy Hart, Running Coach & Personal Trainer


Preface: I am not a doctor, and I do not claim that this article can diagnose or treat tendon injuries. This is a collection of information based on my personal experiences, research, and talks with doctors. This is an informative article meant to assist someone in understanding a possible injury and offer information on how to treat said injuries. With that said I get a lot of questions about injuries which is why I started my Injuries posts in the first place. Well not I’m getting a lot of questions about recovery time and tricks so here is what I have for TOFP.

The biggest question in terms of recovery for TOFP is how long it will take to...
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Injury: Top-of-the-Foot Pain
By Jimmy Hart, Running Coach & Personal Trainer

I am active in a couple of barefoot running forums, and I am linked in on a number of barefoot sites. I love the opportunity to share and learn from fellow barefoot folks like myself. Having an extensive background in running and training, I tend to get a lot of questions, which I also enjoy. It seems that a majority of the questions I get are about injuries. This has kind of always been the case even before I became a full-time barefooter, and I was a little surprised to see that it also translates to the barefoot community. There is however a big difference in injuries between the two worlds, barefoot and shod. That difference is that barefooters are getting injured because they...