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Beware of Footstrike Studies Focusing on Only One Variable
By Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, MD

A recent study of less than 40 East African tribesman showed that most land on their heels while running at a slow pace on a compliant surface (not pavement) and when they sped up most changed their pattern to midfoot landing. Some in the media then grabbed onto this small sample and somehow arrived at the following “conclusions”:

• Barefoot running is not a good thing…the fad is over
• This supports cushioned running shoes with elevated heels

The study looked at the Daasanach who are a pastoral tribe living in a remote section of northern Kenya. According to the New York Times, “Unlike some Kenyan tribes, the Daasanach have no...
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2013 Surf City Marathon, a Barefoot Runner Event?
By Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton

Great time hanging out at the beach, cheering runners on, and shooting barefoot runners (with cameras). Missed the first barefoot runner, when a neighbor came up to chat with me for a bit. Also, didn’t seem to be any official aid stations nearby, so many 4+ hour marathoners enjoyed the fact that we had some food and water available. -Ken Bob

Check out the pictures from the race. I have never seen so many barefoot runners in a non-barefoot running event. Nice. -TJ

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Army Study Goes Big, Recommends Barefoot
By Dr. Michael Nirenberg, DPM

Whether storming the beaches of Normandy or sweeping across the Kuwaiti border, the U.S. Army is known for making big, bold statements. Take their latest medical research as further proof. This study was huge and thorough. The study sampled over 2,500 people, all of them serious runners. The average person in the study had been a runner for eight years! Army physicians evaluated the incidence of injuries in runners who wore traditional shoes, minimalist and no shoes at all. Did barefoot runners prove to be the healthiest yet again?

Score Another One for Barefoot

As you might have guessed by my enthusiastic buildup, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Runners who opted...
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Take that, Peter Lorre
By Thom David

The last half-marathon I ran was the America’s Finest City, on San Diego’s hottest day of the year in August 2012. I ran shod, and predictably, after the race I was injured, this time in my hip. I’d just started reading Born to Run, but was only about a third of the way through it. Still to come was McDougall’s spirited indictment of the running shoe industry, his account of Lieberman’s Harvard study on barefoot running, and Caballo Blanco gliding over hills in the Copper Canyon. I had no idea how my running life was about to change.

Little did I know it at the time, but this would be my last shod race.

AFC was brutal. I’m not a hot weather runner, full stop. By the end of that...