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2013 高雄國際馬拉松 Kaohsiung International Marathon 23k Race Report
By Spoonerweb

Differences from last year: Weighed more, warmer temps, started on time, slight course change, saw two barefoot marathoners, ran faster.

I gained about 3lbs since last year's race. It was also about 3C higher at the start. I am also not used to how to prepare the day of and day before for this length of race. I usually run marathons in just under 3hrs. I was able to run the course a couple times before the actual race this year, but didn't know they had changed the course slightly to include a new bridge that they had just finished last year. Last year the race started almost 15min later than it was supposed to. The half-marathon starts 15min after the marathon and I think the marathon started late...
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Una Minimalada 250K
By Antonio Madriñan
(ENGLISH VERSION as translated by Google Translate can be read below.)
Pues si amigos así de impactante suena el nombre, y así de impactante ha sido el reto que he realizado en el Concejo de Corvera (en el Principado de Asturias), se que estabais impacientes por leer este post , y la verdad espero no defraudaros con el ya que he publicado varios en distintos sitios, y todos se parecen un poco.

El Reto
El reto consistía en estar corriendo durante 48 horas en un circuito ovalado de 770 metros, el circuito era de arena y gran parte del mismo había bastante desnivel, tanto positivo como negativo.

La razón
La razón del mismo, recaudar fondos para la...
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Heart Breaker Half Marathon
Third Time's a charm
By Paraganek

And here it comes again, Heart Breaker half marathon, one of my favorite annual challengers.

2 years ago I had to refuse the challenge at the very last moment because of a stress fracture from doing "Too Much Too Soon".

Year later I felt strong and confident and went for it full speed. Had a blast (full story here Heart Breaker 2012 ).

The race course was an easy one, mostly smooth paved downtown roads.

This year they have moved it out to...
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Lawsuit Against Vibram Survives Motion to Dismiss
DeFalco v. Vibram
By Bob Neinast, a.k.a., Ahcuah

We’ve been following the lawsuits against Vibrams for making unsubstantiated claims (including claims about the benefits of barefoot running). There was a pending motion to dismiss before the court, and that motion was denied on Wednesday.

So, here’s what’s going on.

First, a bit of a recap. The first suit was Bezdek v. Vibram, in the District Court of Massachusetts. I wrote a bit about it here, in...