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The Death of Barefoot Running
By Steven Sashen

Imagine for a moment that you did extensive research into something, only to conclude that you need more research before you could make a meaningful statement about that something.

Is that news? I don’t think so.

Would any newspaper publish a headline: Scientists discover: We’re not sure yet!

Nope. No news is not news.

So, I’m once again dumbstruck by the latest article from the New York Times, “Is Barefoot-Style Running Best? New Studies Cast Doubt”

Let’s cut to the end of the article first, where it says:

To continue reading, please visit: http://xeroshoes.com/barefoot-running/the-death-of-barefoot-running/
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Manitoba 2013 Half Marathon
By dutchie53

Well, on Sunday June 16th, 2013 I ran and completed the 2013 Manitoba Half Marathon barefoot while being cheered on by my youngest daughter who was there to cheer me on and take pictures.

The weather was perfect on this day clear, sunny and about 19 Celsius at the start. Rode my bike to the start of the race as it was only 2 miles from where I live, and arrived at 6:40 am for a 7:00 start. I was actually not planning on running the half on this day but to run the opening leg of the marathon relay for the team that we form at work every year. The opening leg is about 6 miles, and I was confident that I would have no problems doing this leg while running barefoot as I had ran this route the previous week without any problems.

The reason for...
by MuddyJ at 8:23 PM
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You Know You’re a Barefoot Runner When… Part Deux
By MuddyJ

You know you’re a Barefoot Runner when… (in no particular order)…(continued)
  1. …You’re not wearing any shoes…(Thanks to Mark Lofquist)
  2. …You don’t have a problem leaving the house without make-up, but won’t go outside with chipped toenail polish… (Thanks to Lorraine Heyes)
  3. …You have made your own running shoes
  4. …You have ever dug something out of your foot (eg: glass/splinters), and you haven’t the foggiest idea of how or when it got lodged there in the first place… (Thanks to Ian Hicks)
  5. …You identify with this and the previous list…
  6. …You tend to...
by Spinningwoman at 3:30 PM
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It's all your fault<g>
By Spinningwoman

OK, so under the subliminal influence of this forum, I have metamorphosed from someone who just wanted to find out more about barefoot mechanics to fix a threatening bunion into an Actual Runner. (In much the same way that my teenage son poking a piece of bacon around in a pan is an Actual Chef, but it's a start.)

I have downloaded a couch-5K app for my Android phone and have done the first two walky-runny sessions. Actually, I did the first one with an ipod touch app and then realised that as I had GPS on my phone it made more sense to use that and get a map and stats. (I like stats<g>. It's part of the genetic combo that comes with my long fourth finger and my slight Morton's Toe, I believe. The too-much-androgen-in-the-womb bit that once made my husband say with all seriousness...