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Who Needs Shoes? I Just Hiked the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim Barefoot!
By Thea Gavin

Hiking Across the Grand Canyon, Barefoot and Smiling All the Way (pictures below).

I’ll begin with a disclaimer—the following notes about my barefoot hike across the Grand Canyon are not meant to sound braggy. (Well, maybe a little. But there’s more to this blog post than just “Hey, aren’t I cool and shoeless as I sashay down North Kaibab Trail.”)

What I did this weekend has probably been done many times before, by people native to the area.

But—as a suburbanite 53-year-old chronically injured running grandma–my hope for the writing that follows is that it will...
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We Need Your Votes Because Your Opinion Matters:
International Barefoot Running Day

Ok, this is the long and the short of it. We have been getting some interesting comments pertaining to the selection of the date for :barefoot: International Barefoot Running Day :barefoot:. This will be the 3rd year running of this ever expanding and very important event.

Earlier in the year we had members expressing their concern about holding it on the first Sunday of May (the 5th)because it conflicts with Cinco de Mayo. So it was suggested to be moved to the second Sunday of May (the 12th) which is Mother's Day. Now with this move we heard an outcry from other members. So this is our dilemma. We obviously cannot please everybody all the time but we...
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First BF marathon report by longtime lurker...
Joris Goose

After lurking and leeching heavily here and there, soaking info like a maniac sponge, I am finally posting my first and loooooooong report here about (the road to) my first BF marathon, to make up for my posting passivity.

Hopefully, it is more interesting for you guys to hear about transition, MAF runs, spring versus active foot lift, low carbs and red beetjuice than my friends and family who are by no means as geeky as I am ;)

Short background: 33 years old guy, have been playing field hockey until I went to college, then started partying and drinking pretty competitively and stopped all real sports activities all together. Six years ago started running. Usual story I guess, running with a nike+ app and loud music on and trying to go...
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My First Ultra: Paatuwaqatsi 50k Report
By Barefoot in Arizona
Walpi from the north

“I run in reverence of all living things. In our prayers may we always remember that water is life.”
~ Paatuwaqatsi run motto

"Why are we taught to run early in the morning? Because running not only strengthens you physically, it strengthens you spiritually. A runner would take one of the many foot trails from the village in the early morning to a spring, take a drink from the spring and sprinkle himself with the cold water. This gave that person strength and provided healing for any ailments."