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by paraganek at 1:45 PM
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Wildwood Trail Half Marathon
By Paraganek

Really enjoyed this race, got lots of comments and laughing. Everyone on the trail mostly called me "The Zebra Man" but for the kids I was always "The Caveman" :woot:

Since TJ posted this on the Front Page, I am adding a couple more details.
Got all positive comments, people were really friendly and curious. The very first one was "I hope you have your tweezers and antiseptic with you" :-D when joining the bib pickup line.
Another girl wants to see bottoms of my feet after the race. I guess some people are still having hard time believing running barefoot doesn't hurt you.
Trail was mostly hard packed soil/dirt with some gravely sections. Out and back, 925 feet elevation gain to the turning point, all downhill the second half.
Finished in 01:56 having blast. Placed 6th in my AG (65 out of 250...
by Jimmy Hart at 3:22 PM
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Injury: Top-of-the-Foot Pain-Treatment and Recovery
By Jimmy Hart, Running Coach & Personal Trainer


Preface: I am not a doctor, and I do not claim that this article can diagnose or treat tendon injuries. This is a collection of information based on my personal experiences, research, and talks with doctors. This is an informative article meant to assist someone in understanding a possible injury and offer information on how to treat said injuries. With that said I get a lot of questions about injuries which is why I started my Injuries posts in the first place. Well not I’m getting a lot of questions about recovery time and tricks so here is what I have for TOFP.

The biggest question in terms of recovery for TOFP is how long it will take to...
by Jimmy Hart at 6:46 PM
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Injury: Top-of-the-Foot Pain
By Jimmy Hart, Running Coach & Personal Trainer

I am active in a couple of barefoot running forums, and I am linked in on a number of barefoot sites. I love the opportunity to share and learn from fellow barefoot folks like myself. Having an extensive background in running and training, I tend to get a lot of questions, which I also enjoy. It seems that a majority of the questions I get are about injuries. This has kind of always been the case even before I became a full-time barefooter, and I was a little surprised to see that it also translates to the barefoot community. There is however a big difference in injuries between the two worlds, barefoot and shod. That difference is that barefooters are getting injured because they...
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Barefoot running lady on trail
By karuiashi
[beware, my English is bad, but my French is better]​
Until the 80s of last century, women were not allowed to run the marathon.​
Medicine and "the priests in white coats" had decreed that if a woman ran this distance her uterus tear.​
Since women are finally allowed to run that distance, they are only 10 minutes from the world record man.​
As soon as the distances lengthen the difference between men and women fade.​
Emily Baer is ranked eighth on the...​