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What Made This 49-Year-Old Become the First Indian to Complete the Boston Marathon Barefoot?

The Better India (Blog)

Meet Thomas Bobby Philip, the first Indian to successfully run the Boston Marathon barefoot. In spite of having a full time desk job, this passionate runner makes sure that running remains the most important element in his schedule. Here is his journey.

“I consider my body to be a gift from God. We need to treat our bodies with proper love and care, and fitness is key for that. When you lead a fit and healthy live, you don’t have to restrain yourself. I can’t eat this, I can’t eat that – all these restrictions go away. And one of the easiest and most economical ways to staying fit is running. You don’t need to go to any specific place, there is no need for any additional equipment other than shoes, you just have to run,” says Thomas Bobby Philip, a man known for his passion...
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2016 International Barefoot Running Day™ Tee Shirt's Are Available!!!!

The 2016 International Barefoot Running Day™ tee shirts are now available for your purchase. Please visit the store link (below), then choose the link nearest your region of the world. Once you are at the store, scroll down to View All Products to see all the IBRD tee shirts available. Look for the label/name of the tee shirt (2016 IBRD...), since some of them are showing the back of the shirt first. Click on the one you are interested in, and you will see the front of the shirt as well.

If you would like a type of shirt or fabric that is not entered, please let me know, and I will be happy to add it to the store...
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By Skedaddle

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, that we are the wildlife, not separate from it.

The question is how do we connect to our natural state in a modern society that wants to sanitise wild places and manicure wilderness?

To understand what it means to be a runner I feel we must first make a connection with the places we run. It doesn’t matter where you run, what’s more important is awareness of surroundings.

Watches, wicking and workouts have our upmost focus, whilst the nature that surrounds us often shimmers in some sort of distant haze.

I know this all sounds a bit ‘new age’ but in essence it’s very old. We are not so distant from our ancestors.

Why are people so afraid of barefoot? I don’t think they are, I think that they are afraid of our primal nature.

To many people a golf course is the wilderness, sanitised, sterile, safe. Anything else more remote or...
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Funny lines for the back of my tee shirt

We can't let these get buried, and we've added some new ones at the bottom, so let's recap Funny lines for the back of my tee shirt here. The members of the BRS are quite funny, so be prepared for a ton of laughs.

Changing the running world one odd look at a time. ~ Last Place Jason (BRS Motto)

The road is my custom orthotic. ~ ATL Oso

Barefoot Runners do it with a smile. ~ Barefoot Ramzev

If you are reading this....a barefoot runner just passed you. ~ Bob

Do my feet make my butt look big? ~ Gigowiz

You should've seen the '09 model. ~ ATL Oso

The ultimate in motion control. ~ ATL Oso

The arch IS the support! ~ ATL Oso...