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Barefoot Rick Roeber to Run His 100th Marathon Without Shoes


KANSAS CITY, Mo. - He's run more than 26,000 miles, and he does it without shoes. "Barefoot Rick" Roeber is preparing for his 100th marathon by fundraising. He started running barefoot marathons in 2003. In honor of his 100th marathon, Rick hopes to raise $10,000 for the Kansas City Rescue Mission. To continue reading, please visit: http://www.kmbz.com/Local-man-to-run-his-100th-marathon-and-he-does-it/22803870
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Tyler's Mud Walk

By Tyler J L

One of my favorite places to walk barefoot at is Fort Des Moines Park. The walking trail was brand new and I thought it was great to check out. I experienced a lot of sensations while walking barefoot on the trail. I felt rocks, tree bark, and a whole lot more. I went there when a part of the trail had a lot of mud on it. I could feel the mud sift between my toes and that was the best experience of my barefoot life but the next time I went there was a real treat. This was definitely one of my favorite times I went on a barefoot walk. It was June 20, 2014 at Fort Des Moines Park. It had rained overnight and there was a lot of mud on the trail and I never had the feeling of walking on a trail that was entirely muddy so this was a perfect opportunity. I drove out to Fort Des Moines Park and went on the walking trail was wet and squishy with mud as I predicted. It...
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Human Naturally- A Stone's Throw Away 12 June 2016
By Jaqa

Hi Guys!

I did a really cool event with Human Naturally Singapore, http://www.humannaturallysg.com/ , yesterday.

We met up at 07h00 at Venus Car Park on a deliciously cool morning, by Singapore standards that is. And then hiked 75 minutes into the jungle. Everyone was sporting Luna or Xero sandals. I wanted to go barefoot but had bought a new pair of Xero Trek's so had to see how they performed. (Very comfortable, I must say, and I did not notice them at all)


Justin was our very able coach/guide for the day and we were joined by Darra, Thomas and Su Yi.

I absolutely loved hiking along trails I have not yet done. We briefly walked along the McRitchie trail, https://www.thebarefootrunners.org/threads/mcritchie-run-singapore.19461/#post-181819 , where a standard marathon was taking place. 4...
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By Sly/mytrailtosanfrancisco

L’idée a été de faire une promenade sans protection aux pieds, dans le but de redécouvrir des sensations oubliées : les différentes textures du sol (sable, granit, herbes, graviers, terre, …), les températures, le vent, le soleil, l’eau….

To continue reading, please visit: https://mytrailtosanfrancisco.wordpress.com/2016/06/05/milfontes/

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