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Barefoot and ASD
By Trevize1138

Something I wrote up and posted to /r/aspergers Friday. Thought I'd share here, too:

This is just a hypothesis I've been kicking around in my head lately. I've been using myself and my 9yo ASD daughter as examples and test cases. The connection between ASD and running occurred to me this spring watching my daughter during a fun run for school.

She stepped a bit wrong, her shoe snagged on the rubber track a bit and it twisted her knee. It was a very minor sprain and she was fine a few hours later but it was a bit too familiar to my own childhood: always a bit clumsy.

I've been running pretty much my whole life and had a love/hate relationship with it because I'd get injured all the time: twisted ankles, shin splints, pulled hamstrings, pulled calves, metatarsal extensor tendonitis ... I quit running for the first time after I graduated high school...
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New barefoot 100km world record!!
By Teage

Below is a race report from the Burly Burl, a race I made up to run as a fundraiser and forum to break the barefoot 100km world record. I'll be posting another reflection on the spirit of the event to the Crow's Path blog in the next week or so.

Quick note on the event: This wasn't an official race (I was the only participant), but I did run it on a certified track and have official timers. I will be submitting the time to Guinness to be accepted as a world record, and hope that the event meets all of the requirements for an official world record. I ran the event as a fundraiser to support a new part-time position -for Crow's Path, a nature connection program I founded here in Burlington (details on...
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Support Your Club [​IMG]


Dear Friends,

The Barefoot Runners Society needs your support.

As you know, the BRS is funded and operated solely by its members. A modest income from advertising and tee shirt sales no longer covers the monthly costs for running and maintaining the site. Barefoot and minimalist running at the BRS is doing quite well. We are still thriving, and so is our site. Site hosting, support, maintenance, enhancements, and upgrades all cost money. In addition, the BRS has...
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Maah Daah Hey 100: my first marathon/trail run/DNF
By Trevize1138

Attempted and DNFed my first marathon on the Maah Daah Hey trail in the ND badlands. It was hot: 95F according to the weather station and with hardly any shade. Trail workers said days like that it's not uncommon to read 115F in the valleys. I did my best to stay hydrated but just couldn't keep up. I'm sure my inexperience played a part but at the last checkpoint, just 8 miles from the finish, I called it. I had been out there for 5 1/2 hours and covered 18 miles.

In addition to not having ever done a marathon before and doing it on a rough, up-and-down trail I was attempting it barefoot with Xero DIY sandals as a backup.

Barefoot for the first 8 miles was actually great. The badlands look the way they do because they're easy to erode so it's mostly dirt. That heat was too much for my feet, though, and I had to keep the sandals on...