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Dear Virginians: Get Lost

By rb2001

How is it possible that people in Virginia don't just break into a spontaneous running event on an April weekend?

I was staying in the Fairfax area of this state for business purposes. My colleague drove the rental and I ignored him as I marveled on my map all the trails in the area. Not only that, a bumper crop of walkways trim what seemed like every major parkway and major thoroughfare.

A normal person will look up the maps, do some internet research, and determine a suitable running route. I did all of these. Then I forgot all of when it and went out to my first run. I am a bit absent minded. I lost my wallet including drivers license and all credit cards early March. Then, after I got them all replaced, I did it again in early April. I make more spare keys than Stan Lee makes cameos. Leaving needed things behind in a hotel room doesn't even begin to be a...
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Not Something I Merely Do, But Who I Am
By Ken Hopes

During my trip last month to Hawaii I spent about an hour inside a Starbucks in Waikiki. The entire time I was there, from standing in line, placing my order and waiting for my tall half-decaf to be prepared, to sitting at a table with my iPod Touch uploading photos to Facebook and checking news, I was barefoot. Though I’d never been barefoot in a coffee shop before, it didn’t take much boldness as this place was literally across the street from the beach.

I remember how the concrete floor felt. It was comfortable, but tactilely interesting. Unlike many concrete floors that are polished perfectly smooth and level, th is floor had texture, randomness, complexity. Wearing footwear as often as we do in our culture, we insulate ourselves from many pleasant tactile experiences, and foreclose memories of how places feel underfoot....
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Fast women race barefoot in South Africa two decades ago
By Canadian Running Magazine

Twenty years ago, George Aitkin watched from the sidelines as the world's best runners ran the cross-country championships barefoot. As he ran his own race, he endured the South Africa heat and noticed barefoot footprints on the course. To continue reading, please visit: http://runningmagazine.ca/throwback-thursday-south-africa/
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Danbury, CT Half Marathon Race Report

By Barefoot Gentile

I figured I would get a jump start on the spring season and celebrate with a spring half marathon, what a weather surprise this was! Before I get into the weather I signed up 3 weeks before the race and really didn’t put the training in like I normally would. I run consistently 3 or 4 times a week and really don’t go past a 8 miler. I will run a 6 or 7 miler on the weekends and that’s the extent of my so-called “long” run. So three weeks out I ran a 9 miler which was a horrible run, little did I know I had a stomach virus and this basically stayed with me for 5 days. After I snapping out of that I got a 8 miler in a week before the race and felt ready to go. I came in at time of 1:53:00 which I was happy with, especially given this course was very hilly and the weather factor as well.

So the weather, basically it was snowing...