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My 1st BF Marathon!
Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2016

By Jaqa

I did it!! My first barefoot marathon!

After a very trying week of tapering that felt like an extended wait outside an examination hall, I was a bundle of nerves come Saturday. Just counting down the hours till I went to sleep for a very early wake up at 02h45. I struggled to sleep and woke up so many times.

Finally my alarms started ringing and I could get my routine going. Made a cup of bullet proof coffee and got on my pre-run warm ups. Got the coffee down, had a Cliff Bar, 1.5L of water and electrolytes, packed my bum bag with energy bars, cellphone and emergency cash. Luckily for me, the start was 3km from my condo, so I could just walk and slow jog there.

The excitement started building as I got nearer. Orchard Road was ablaze with Xmas decorations and more and more runners on the road heading towards the...
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Flying Feather Four Miler
By Tristan

Ran this race Thanksgiving day morning, third time but it has been since my first year barefoot that I have run it. Late November is always questionable barefoot, for me anyways. Just a short 4 miler so not much to write a big report on but thought I'd throw up a few pictures.

Just ahead of the first lady there near the finish.

Screenshot from 2016-11-30.JPG


Great swag for this one! The wine went well with my Thanksgiving turkey! Hat and gloves too, as well as Jim Beam Apple sample. :)

I was a bit overdressed as it ended up being high 40's. Despite that, the colder ground and wet rainy conditions and wind really chilled the feet standing around so much. I actually had some numbness running :sour: but no damage done.
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Disqualified because of his bare feet

Disgraceful :(

NZ boy disqualified from sprint competition for running in bare feet

Lower Hutt School Sports Association spokesman Neil Sargisson said the rule was there to help protect kids' feet from spiked shoes because young runners sometimes struggled to stick to their lanes.
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Neelima on a mission, completes 350-km barefoot run

By The Hindu

Hyderabad-based mountaineer Neelima Pudota completed her maiden 350-km barefoot run from Vijayawada to Visakhapatnam and arrived in the city on Friday evening. The 30-year-old former corporate employee reached Visakhapatnam to participate in the Pinkathon that will be held on November 20. The main objective behind the run was to draw attention to women's fitness issues, which is often a neglected area, and to allow women to have liberty of experience, Neelima told The Hindu. Neelima, popularly known as Neil The Mountaineer, almost made it to the world's highest peak, Mt. Everest, earlier this year falling short of just 200 metres from the summit point due to her guide's serious health issue. To read more on this, please visit: