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OSIM Sundown Marathon Singapore - Sleep Can Wait
BY Jaqa

It is not often you see a marathon with a starting time of 00:00. Yes, that's midnight! The Sundown Marathon is the second biggest marathon in Singapore with 30000 runners spread over 42, 21, 10 and 5km kiddies race. the 10 and 5 km are run in the evening and the full starts at midnight and the half at 01:00.

The big advantage is avoiding the sun, and the heat, which is very theoretical here as it still means 26 Celsius and 85%+ humidity. But if you are used to Singapore running, that's very pleasant!

Saturday was mostly spend in a slight state of stress, wondering about what to eat, getting a good nap in, not feeling too tired, and the all-important output question as going to the public loo's in the early hours of Sunday is pretty daunting to say the least.

The hours crawled by and finally I could hail a taxi and get to the start, which...
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The Autonomous Body

By Sly

I wrote an article for about the autonomous body, the shoe, the chair, and the "tool" as explained by Ivan Illich.

When we consider the criticisms made of the modern world since the 1970s, as well as the solutions proposed to resolve current and future global crises, we inevitably come across the issue of autonomy. This autonomy is framed in terms of energy and food, but also with regard to medicine, finance, etc. Eventual resilience of societies in the face of the major changes on the horizon will only be possible through systems which are less dependent on a globalised organisation, less dependent on ultra-complex super-tools, less dependent on fossil fuels, and less dependent on multinationals and corporations which jealously guard their knowledge. In order to live well in the future, we need to reclaim essential skills and wisdom: how...
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Lisbon Half
By Sly

I ran lisbon half marathon with a tom sawyer costume,
with a good barefoot friend, Antonio Pedro
in 1h44, we were not prepared for a faster race

a lot of positive reactions, the japanese anime was very famous here in the 80/90s

(in ran the same race with a Tarzan costume in 1h26 in 2014)

the asphalt was not made of velvet, last 3 km were not fun for the sole
in my village I'm able to run the double without pain in the soles