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Star Wars Dark Side Half-Marathon at Disney World

By Swoggis

April 17, 2016. Walt Disney World. The Star Wars Dark Side weekend at Disney World included three standard-distance races: 5K, 10K, and half-marathon on consecutive days and a smattering of kids’ races up to 1-mile distance based on age. There was also a special Dark Side Challenge for people who wanted to run both the 10K and HM back-to-back (and get a special finisher’s medal shaped like the Death Star). Registration opened on September 22, 2015 at noon, and by the time I finished signing myself and my family up for our races at 12:18PM, the 10K/HM Challenge combo was completely sold out. So, be forewarned that you need to be Johnny-on-the-Spot when online registration starts for a RunDisney race or you may not get in. in hindsight, I’m glad I wasn’t able to get into the 10K/HM Challenge and only ran the Half.

All of the races...
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I Don't Think You're Going to Like This
By rb2001

A post by our fearless leader, TJ , got my head churning (see post here). Many thoughts and ideas have been floating around lately and this article seems to have created the catalyst to turn them into viewpoints. I think these viewpoints will not be all that popular in this community. I have elected to put them down and share them not because I feel they are needed, but because I feel I need to hear the other side.

It all started with that post that featured an article with the shocking headline: Running Science Backs Off The Minimalist Shoe.

The headline said science so it must be pretty sweet.

Normally I read, summarize some interesting points that I share and move on. This time I found myself in rant mode that...
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Have a fun and safe day. Now, go out there and REPRESENT!

Be sure to report with pictures and number of attendees here:™-international-barefoot-running-day™.16/
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IBRD is about one week away!

The 6th annual International Barefoot Running Day is on Sunday, May 1, 2016. Please be sure to notify everyone you can, and take along your friends and family members for a day of fun...even if they don't run or run barefoot. It's always good to be introduced to new, healthy things. Perhaps you all can organize a lunch or dinner afterwards or a picnic. Make it fun!

As of this posting, here's a list of the latest IBRD events and Facebook event flyer, although we hope to add more locations:

It's probably too late to order and receive an IBRD tee shirt at this point, unless you don't mind it being late, but perhaps if you...