by nisto at 7:09 PM
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My first proper snow run
By Nisto

Winter has been mild in Copenhagen. The temperature has been hovering just above freezing for what seems like months: always cold, never cold enough for snow. Until yesterday.

When I picked up my oldest son from school to take him to capoeira (yes, I remembered!) big snow flakes were falling from the sky just like you want them do to on Christmas eve. It wasn’t freezing, but it was damn close, and most of the snow flakes managed to cling on to the ground long enough to make a snowy carpet in our street. My feet started itching.

When we got home at 17, the cargo bike begged for winter tyres, but I had other worries — and besides, we don’t have any winter tyres for any of our bikes....
by Sly at 9:46 PM
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São Bento – de la confiance en soi
By Sly

Samedi était le 21km de São Bento, événement bucolique et festif à caractère non-compétitif. Pas de dossard, pas de médaille, pas de sponsor, pas de chronomètre. La même récompense pour les premiers comme pour les derniers : 2 litres d’huile d’olive (bio) et un grand repas champêtre.

L’occasion de laisser au placard son cardio, sa montre, ses chaussures, son ego, ses doutes, ses peurs, l’occasion de retrouver les collègues de la...
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Having some fun with 10 miles in the middle of January
By Scratch

"What about me?" I yelled. "Even with the hat hair, do I look awesome?"

"Yes, you do! And you're smiling, too!" the woman standing by her bicycle yelled back.

Before today, I've run one other 10 mile race. That was the Broad Street Run back in 2008, and that was a good run for me that year. I ran it intelligently and tucked in under 10 minutes per mile pace at 1:39:39, just slowing down some in the final stretch because of some cramping issues. But today I took on the Icicle 10-miler which is held in Wilmington, DE every year in January. Now had they held this race this past Tuesday, it would have been a full Icicle 10-miler. Temps only got up to about 10 degrees that day and the wind was brutal. Today, low 40s or so, and some wind but not...
by Thea Gavin at 1:07 PM
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I Race, Therefore I Obsess
By Thea Gavin

I am too old and slow for this nonsense. Why did I click through the Race360 web site a couple of months ago and commit to: a $40 entry fee, pre-dawn wake-up, one hour drive, $5 for parking, hours/days of pre-race fretting about how to handle the chilly morning air and ground, and a 24-hours-before-the-race moratorium on chocolate (while an unfinished box of Sees Christmas chocolates lurked in the cupboard)? To continue reading, please visit http://theagavin.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/i-race-therefore-i-obsess/