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Run for Education 5k, San Ramon, CA

Yesterday I ran my fifth 5k, the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation Run for Education 5k, formerly Primo's Run. I had a great race at this well-organized, surprisingly large (1396 people) local race, cutting 1:44 off of my PR to finish with a time of 20:50. That time was somehow good enough for third place in my division. I'll call that a statistical fluke, but I'll take it.

Leading up to the race I was taking an intermediate track class with my local Oakland club, the Lake Merrit Joggers and Striders. The class met once a week and was...
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Run Like Hell (unless there's a train) Half-Marathon
By John Yohe, a.k.a., St. John the Gambler

Chilly foggy morning here in Portland. Weather forecast is for a sunny day, which the race organizers were eager to share, but I don't think things will clear up until later, so I'm glad I opted for some layers for this half marathon, as have most of the other few hundred folks here. Though I am, of course, barefoot!

This is my second Run Like Hell half. I've been in Portland over a year now! How strange! This race is a costumed one, being close to Halloween, and this year's them is 'fantasy,' though I don't see much D&D costumes: Some unicorns (or...narwals?), and a whole mess of fairies, but also a lot of superheros. I guess dressing up in armor just isn't...
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Sri Chinmoy 24 hour
By Wayne Botha

The barefoot idea started when I saw Australian Robert Knowles doing it in Sydney in June 2012. I decided that I would incorporate it into my training regime and toughen up my feet as I had been struggling with bruised feet after the Commonwealth Champs in 2011. This all went well, leading up to the World Champs in Poland in September 2012. I developed a Baker's cyst inside my right knee during the event and managed to hobble to 171km, with much pain. I had already entered the Sri Chinmoy 12 hr in early October and was planning to have a crack at the 100km record. After having a word with Dr Mayhew at the Millennium Institute, he said that I could give it a go and just see what happens. For 4 weeks I just walked barefoot a bit, applied some ice and compression and just took it easy. I...
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1st Marathon Down!
By Zetti

The weekend weather forecast had been looking sunny all week, so naturally I assumed rain for race day. A nice upper 50s lower 60s drizzle would be perfect, I was thinking. However, as race day approached, the forecast got sunnier and warmer. By Friday afternoon, the forecast read 78 and sunny. Well, at least the spectators were going to be happy! :)

That night, I managed to completely change my diet by eating a full steak and half a chicken breast, accompanied by the usual salad. Well, worst case scenario, I end up stopped-up, not letting loose…so I figured no harm done. I finished off a seasonal Oktoberfest brew and played a game of Apples to Apples with the family.

The following morning, I woke up rested and ready for my first marathon. I ate my usual bowl of cereal and two pieces of toast with peanut...