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Fanatics Christmas Day Half Marathon
By Neil_D

It was early to bed for me on Christmas Eve, 9pm but, unfortunately with it still being a bit light outside, warm and people moving around, sleep took a while to overtake me.

I had my alarm set to wake me at 5.15am and that seemed to go off shortly after I fell asleep. I stumbled around in the dark and grabbed my gear, shorts, t-shirt and heart rate monitor then out of the door, no breakfast as there wasn't enough time.

I drove the 5km to the shopping centre at West Lakes along dark empty roads, wondering if maybe I had the time wrong, was it 7am and not 6am.

I saw more headlights as I got closer to the shopping centre so I was ok. I parked the car and wandered down to the...
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You Have a Foot Size, Not Shoe Size
By Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

The Latin expression, nihil novi sub sole, which translated means “there is nothing new under the sun,” came to mind when I first come across Dr. Phil Hoffman’s study of feet from the Philippines and Pygmies of Central Africa from the early 1900s. Neither group ever wore shoes. Their feet were healthy. As for the shoe-wearing population, Hoffman concluded that most modern shoes not only ignored the natural shape of the human foot, but also end up ruining them because they were too narrow. To continue reading, please visit:
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Top 10 Reasons To Continue Running Barefoot
By John "stjohnthegambler" Yohe
Photo of Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, MD, BRS Ask the Doc

1. Everyone already now thinks you’re crazy, you have nothing to lose.

2. Someone has to show all those people wearing “barefoot shoes” what barefoot running really is.

3. Paying $100 for a pair of shoes still seems like a bad idea.

4. Your feet won’t fit in your old shoes anymore.

5. Shoes would feel like lead weights at this point anyways.

6. Still feels good to pass shod runners in races.

7. Every run is still a new adventure.

8. The question “Doesn’t that hurt?” has now been asked so many times that it’s actually funny at this point.

9. You’ve made at least a few other people’s lives (and knees) better by influencing...
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Mountains Ahead
By Muhammad Ali

This will mean different things to different people. What does it say to you?