by Line Kolbe at 11:45 PM
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Forest Half Marathon
By Line Kolbe

Yesterday I completed a Forest Half Marathon in Denmark.

It went great.

I was very excited about it and a little nervous. How would it go? would I actually be able to do it?.. In my runs up to this half marathon the longest I'd run was 11.7 km so this was almost the double of that. We also just moved and the week up to this race was spend lifting heavy boxes and furniture plus driving a lot. I was exhausted from all that but that didn't stop me. I still wanted to do it.

The day started early since we had a bit to drive (a little hour here in Sweden, then a 20 min ferry, and...
by otoole4info at 2:30 PM
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Cape Cod Marathon and Marathon Half - 2 Reviews in one......
By otoole4info

Here I am a week after running 40 miles in 30 hours. It's time to post a review of the events.

40 miles in 30 hours really doesn't seem like much when you look at it that way. Here is what I got myself into. In February of this year I signed up for what is called the "Clam Chowdah Challenge" in Falmouth, MA home of the famous "Falmouth Mile and Road Race".

The challenge being, run the Cape Cod Marathon Half on Saturday 10/26 and then run and complete the full marathon on 10/27. I know, it only adds up to be 39.3 miles total but I ran an extra 7/10ths of a mile to warm up on Saturday morning.

Before the weekend of the runs, a few days before, I got the idea of posting here on BRS looking of 40 reasons to run 40 miles. You all rocked with helping me reach the 40 reasons. Believe it...
by Tristan at 9:45 PM
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My First Marathon
By Tristan-OH

The day finally came for the big race. I knew I was ready, and was going to finish. Just a little over two years ago when I was still shod I never thought I would do a marathon. After relearning how to run, the thought of a marathon was back on the table. So for the past two years you could say I had been training for this. More officially I had been training for this since I did the half marathon in May and subsequently signed up for the full this fall.

Packet pick up at the convention center.

I tapered a bit more than I had planned due to straining my left leg a little on that last long run. Luckily a few days off and low mileage week helped it rebound quick. Then I rolled into my two week planned taper. So I sort of tapered 3 weeks....
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H a p p y B i r t h d a y, B R S !

You are FOUR years old today!