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Groomsport Half Marathon
By Darkand

I'll try to keep this as short as I can. I tend to ramble a bit on race reports.

So I've been doing a good bit of work on Twitter trying to promote Barefoot Running in Northern Ireland. Set up a Twitter account called @BarefootRunNI and got some running vests printed. I've been following all the running clubs in NI and turning up at events in the vests in the hope to generate a little interest. It's been working quite well. I get quite a lot of questions with the clubs, intrigued by the thought of running barefoot. I've come across 5 other barefooters here and am trying to get them all together, even just once, for a run.

Anyway all my twitter work paid off last night in the Groomsport half marathon. Firstly, the moment I got out of the car, the Mayor approached me as asked if I was the barefoot running...
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Thank you to our Sponsor
Soft Star Shoes

With Hood to Coast (H2C) 2013 so close on our heels, we wanted to take a moment and thank a company who was gracious enough to help support our H2C Team at the Barefoot Runners Society this year.

Jen has done a lot, and I mean a lot, of work organizing this adventure, so when you have a chance, whether you are on the team or not, please be sure to thank her for all her efforts and hard work.

Thanks, Jen!

Tricia Salcido
C Elf O
Soft Star Shoes
521 SW Second St, #201
Corvallis, OR 97333

Re: Letter of Appreciation for Sponsorship

Dear Ms. Salcido,

The Oregon chapter of The Barefoot Runners Society would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful company, Soft Star Shoes (along with all of your fabulous elves), for your sponsorship of the 2013 Oregon Barefoot Runners...
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Who Was That Woman in the Leopard Print Full Body Swim Suit at the Emmett Sprint Triathlon 2013?
By Happysongbird

The crowd gasped as my leopard-spotted form burst up out of the water of Black Canyon Reservoir. I had just finished the most comfortable triathlon swim of my 4 sprint triathlon career, and I felt like shaking my psuedo fur in a display of triumph, but the race had really only just begun. I needed to trot on to the bike transition. To continue reading, please visit:
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City2Surf 2013
By Spiderweb62

Since arriving in Australia I participated in a few C2S races (6 in total), but this is my first barefoot one, and effectively my first barefoot race altogether!

City2Surf goes from the CBD to Bondi Beach, along the Sydney harbor. The biggest difficulty is called the ‘Heartbreak Hill’, and this is where the elite win or lose the race…

But for me a few minutes more does not make a big difference! I am here to enjoy the scenery (despite what the picture above seem to show!).

It is a 1.6km/5% slope, so not very steep, but sufficiently long to kill your legs. The last 2.5km are all-downhill and usually you can catch up some time there....