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International #barefootparkrun Day - August 9, 2014
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Fairfield, CT Half Marathon
By Barefoot Gentile

It’s that time of year again, my favorite race has arrived. Let’s start off with training, there wasn’t any, well a little bit, I had a few 10 milers in there, but nothing like I normally would do to prepare. I had some weeks where I didn’t even run, considering the past events with my wife in the hospital and the birth of our baby girl, there was just no time to run, or just being so tired I didn’t feel like it.

My beautiful little girl Olivia – 2 months old.

Sunday morning of the race was perfect, it was about 62 degrees at 7Am. I said to myself I’m just going out to have fun, which I always do, but of course that inner competitiveness always gets to me. I didn’t have a set time to finish, but who was I kidding. I left the Garmin home...
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Zaterdag 21 juni heb ik aan de Groot Ginkelse Loop meegedaan.
By Johan131

Afstand: 21,1 km (halve marathon)
Plaats: Wekerom/Ede/Otterlo (de Ginkelse Heide en de bossen hier omheen)
Ondergrond: de hele afstand kun je op enkele stukken na kiezen tussen beton/ruig asfalt of zandpaden waaronder mulle ruiterpaden.
Website: www.grootginkelseloop.nl

Voor mij was dit mijn 2e halve marathon, de eerste op blote voeten. In de maand er voor heb ik over dezelfde paden (woon in de buurt) 3 long runs gedaan van ruim 16, 19 en 21 km. Ik wist dus wat ik kon verwachten ook qua ondergrond (prima te doen, als je in het bos kunt lopen kun je dit ook). Mijn doel was om sneller te zijn dan de vorige keer op schoenen (2:17:53 incl flinke hongerklop=wandelen laatste 3k)....
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Barefoot Running Survey: Evidence from the Field
Open Access funded by Shanghai University of Sport



Running is becoming an increasingly popular activity among Americans with over 50 million participants. Running shoe research and technology has continued to advance with no decrease in overall running injury rates. A growing group of runners are making the choice to try the minimal or barefoot running styles of the pre-modern running shoe era. There is some evidence of decreased forces and torques on the lower extremities with barefoot running, but no clear data regarding how this corresponds with injuries. The purpose of this survey study was to examine factors related to performance and injury in runners who have tried barefoot running. To continue reading, please visit:...