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Oslo Marathon 42 km
By Nisto

It's difficult to say something definite about Oslo Marathon, since the course changes a bit every year. Downtown Oslo is a constant mess, or, as they would say, is in a process of constant renewal. (They also say it will be wonderful in some years. The same people decided to build the so called Barcode Project; I don't trust them for five cents.)

The 42 km this year consisted of three (or four) loops. First a 10k, then the same 10k plus an ekstra kilometer, and then a half marathon loop consisting of an extra loop out west, then south, and then the same 10k to finish it off.

It was a bit complicated, and during my run I saw one of the marathon leaders take the wrong turn once, but it was my first race of any kind in...
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Boise Barefoot Race Full of Sweet Surprises
By Happysongbird

All the bare feet that ran at least part of the race unshod. Hankgooch is #12, to his left (your right) is Slim one of the newest members of the BRS, I am in the tie-dye tank, and speedy Natalie is in the turquoise to my right (left from your view point).

I really should have asked if I could introduce myself to everyone at the race. It was a relatively small turnout, but with a lot more bare feet than I expected to see. Being the President of the Idaho Chapter of the Barefoot Runners Society (BRS), I should have made myself more of a resource in a public way. As it was, I did try to go around and meet people and tell them about the BRS. It would have been better if I had spoken in front of everyone. At least my...
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Kretsloppet 10K
By Line Kolbe

Goal accomplished!

I wanted to feel progress and I did. I didn’t get a better time than my last 10K race though, same as last, 55 min, but I’m satisfied with that. Thomas, my husband, did amazing. 1:07 was his time and a 10K is the longest he has ever run. He did walk a bit, but not much and he’s proud and says he wants to do it again. I’m so happy for him. It was a great accomplishment.

It was a big race. In all the races that day a total of 6503 persons were registered. There were a 5.5K, the 10K and also some shorter races for children and some walking races. It was all of the city that was one big running party. Here’s the page of the run (in Swedish):

I got the 432 place out of 1363 women.
Thomas got on the 2014...
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Titanic Quarter Ultra 101k, 50k, and 25k
(Northern Ireland)
By Darkand
Ok, it's taken me a while to get this typed up, I've been super busy with the club, printing running vests and hoodies, recruiting etc. the good news is we have gained another member!! Shannen!! My wife spotted her whilst reviewing some 26 Extreme events (more on them in a minute :) ). There was a pic of Shannen on their page, wearing VFFs. My wife found her on Facebook and she was talking about educating the other runners in barefooting.

Invite sent... and accepted...

She's coming to our run on Sunday! Result.

Also we found a blog by a guy...