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By Paul Beales

This is disgraceful! These members of the Oregon Chapter of the BRS have been gallivanting around half-naked, having crazy fun, scantily clad in the silliest of attire, all with no regard for their own sanity or that of any members of the public they might encounter!

This must not be allowed!

We must not allow this one chapter to have all the fun! Come on everybody, take a leaf out of this chapter's book and get your kit off, your scissors, sewing machine and daughter's face painting kit out, and let's show these people that they're not the only ones in this club that know how to have fun!
by Larry at 12:09 PM
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Mothers Day Classic - Geelong
By Larry

The Mother's Day Classic is an 8km fun run in Geelong (and other locations in Australia on the same day) to raise money for breast cancer research. I've been doing it for a few years now, and this year I decided to run it barefoot for the first time.

My preparation was typically slipshod. I left it until the last possible minute to organise a silly running costume, and ended up buying a pink 'onesie' that I thought would fit - until I tried it on and found that it was a little tight and I looked like I was trying to emphasise certain body parts that are best left to the imagination. Hello boys! My wife thankfully vetoed that idea, and suggested that I try on a pair of her pink flannelette pyjamas. They fit me well enough thanks to her penchant for roomy potato sack couture, and I was on my way....
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2014 International Barefoot Running Day Report (with pictures!)
Sunday, May 4, 2014
By Paul Beales

Forty-two events took place in eighteen countries: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, South Africa and the United Kingdom – and a great time was had by all!


Top honours must go to Kranj, Slovenia, where they had a massive turnout of two-hundred and thirty-two runners who ran between 2.5km and 10km! Additional activities included barefoot training sessions, a kids’ run, a raffle draw and much trying-on of Vivobarefoot and Vibram shoes. Their youngest participant was 18 months old and the oldest 83 years. The...
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Forster Adventure Race
By Kalipyjamas

Golly what an experience that was!!!

Not really a race report as it was a team event, nor a product review as I'm not that special but here's my rundown on things.

I was never actually supposed to be competing in this event. My next run was going to be the glow worm in June. However..... three weeks out from event the team swimmer gets injured....after a week of faffing around I announced that I would swim to which my husband promptly replied, "Don't be ridiculous."

He swapped from the run leg to the swimming leg......and had a week to train before our local pool shut for the season!!! And muggins here got nominated for the run leg. Longest run to date was about 14kms , mainly getting lost around the trails here with a lot of walking and scrambling. I blew out my xero huaraches that I had worn on the last few runs...