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Top 10 Reasons To Continue Running Barefoot
By John "stjohnthegambler" Yohe
Photo of Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, MD, BRS Ask the Doc

1. Everyone already now thinks you’re crazy, you have nothing to lose.

2. Someone has to show all those people wearing “barefoot shoes” what barefoot running really is.

3. Paying $100 for a pair of shoes still seems like a bad idea.

4. Your feet won’t fit in your old shoes anymore.

5. Shoes would feel like lead weights at this point anyways.

6. Still feels good to pass shod runners in races.

7. Every run is still a new adventure.

8. The question “Doesn’t that hurt?” has now been asked so many times that it’s actually funny at this point.

9. You’ve made at least a few other people’s lives (and knees) better by influencing...
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Mountains Ahead
By Muhammad Ali

This will mean different things to different people. What does it say to you?

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Two years and two four months of barefoot running for me!
By Barefoot Walker

Since I last posted, I have participated in a number of races. The longest ones were a 10K in Earlham on 10/20/2012 (and to which town I biked to pay the entry fee in person!) and reached my goal of 10K in under an hour, and the Sycamore 8 on 12/01, which was around 13K. I also did a forest/field race called the Run the Woods in November, for which the food at the end was beef stew.

When winter came, though, I cut back a lot. I just found it impossible to get motivated on those cold days, and so remained indoors most of the time. (I have yet to find an indoor track that allows bare feet).

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Winter Running - What? How? Why?
By ArcticDuplo

Well winter has taken a very firm grip in Greenland and aside from the insanely high amount of travel that I have to endure this season. Trips planned to the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, US, Singapore and UAE before April next year, then whenever I am home (in greenland) the picture above is what early winter running looks like for me.

I tend to look at winter running as a different sport almost, Barefoot running is normally out fairly early on as they cover the streets and sidewalks in crunched rock to allow all the shod people some traction, but it really is a very nasty experience to run on crushed rock (it is some pretty sharp and pointy stuff).
Roads quickly get covered in thick layers of ice and compressed snow (mixed with afore mentioned crushed rocks), trackion is never perfect and the world...