by Dr. Nirenberg at 7:54 AM
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Surprise! 16% of Podiatrists Recommend Barefoot Running
By Dr. Michael Nirenberg

As one of the first podiatrists to recommend barefoot running, I was surprised to see the results of a recent survey conducted by the well-respected Podiatry Management magazine.
On the week of May 20th this year, the publication’s online newsletter asked podiatrists: “Do you recommend barefoot running?

The results were as follows:

Yes, but only for certain foot types: 14.19%
Yes, for all runners: 2.21%
No: 83.59%

For those of you who are not math-whizzes, this means...
by Larry at 12:00 AM
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Run Geelong 2013
By Larry

Run Geelong is a 12km fun run that runs around the centre of Geelong, a small city 70km or so down the road from Melbourne. It's a big race by our standards, with nearly 2000 people doing the 12km and plenty more doing the 6km run or 'family walk'. Proceeds from the run go to the local hospital special care nursery, so it's well supported and I was keen to run after the hospital looked after my little girl really well when she had hip problems as a baby.

It was my first time, the longest fun run I've done in over 20 years, and my first attempt at a barefoot fun run. Having missed the last two with injuries, I was super careful in the lead-up to the race. I made sure I could cover the distance properly, practiced on the dreaded asphalt more than usual, and even ran parts of the course in...
by Barefoot Ken Bob at 10:20 PM
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Working out with The Master
By Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton
Title by TJ
[Photo: Ken Bob, Ken Bob's Regular Runs 2012 October 16]

Had a very enjoyable barefoot run with Bernard on the hard-pack sand last night since it was low-tide... No moonlight, because of clouds, but the clouds seemed to reflect enough light from the nearby cities and homes, also our eyes adjusted, so it turned out to be a very pleasant 4 miles (2 miles out and 2 back) at about 60F ... no rain, just a handful of mist drops (or was that perspiration?).

Couple of spots in the shallow water as we rounded one outcrop of land (about half-way), there were a couple of spots where the bottom dropped out underneath my feet, and I went into the...
by Barefoot Gentile at 6:10 PM
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Philadelphia Marathon - 2013
By Barefoot Gentile

Time: 3:46:28 - A new PR!
Philly was my fifth marathon and 4th barefoot one.

Left Saturday morning with the family to drive to Philly, get there around 12:30, checked into the Sheraton, got settled then walked to the Expo. I'm not a fan of Expo's, not into THE swag, running gear, and shoes, obviously. The goal was to get my bib and get out, it was mayhem in there. I passed a booth where a guy was talking about barefoot and minimalist running, but no time to stop my boys were hungry and cranky as well as the wife and I. We had a late lunch at 3:30, then hit the pool at the hotel for the kids. My wife and kids went out later for ice cream, I just chilled at the hotel, I was done for the day.

Sleep fairly well, woke up at 5am, went to the lobby to get some hot water...