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GOSHEN: Seed. Sustenance. Survival.

GOSHEN is a documentary feature sharing the remarkable story of the indigenous Tarahumara tribe who are renowned for their incredible long distance running endurance. Living in the remote depths of the Copper Canyons, Mexico, the Tarahumara have managed to prevent the top 3 modern diseases - type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. GOSHEN unveils the mystery of how to establish healthy, sustainable communities that can survive, even thrive, despite the global increases in famine and diseases. The film follows an unbelievable journey into the lives of the Tarahumara, striving to conserve their sacred seed ancestry and preserve their traditional culture. Entertaining and engaging, GOSHEN will inspire you to be part of an ancient yet innovative movement dedicated to safeguarding our world’s health and future.

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Muscles help give you a spring in your step
Anna Salleh, ABC

This is the first study to show that muscles in the feet help support the arch of the foot (Source: ValuaVitaly/iStockphoto)

New evidence about the active role muscles play in the foot could have implications for the design of running shoes and the debate on barefoot running, say researchers.

It could also provide insights into rehabilitation, prosthetics, robotics and our understanding of the evolution of bipedalism in humans, says Dr Glen Lichtwark, an exercise scientist at the University of Queensland.

He and colleagues publish their findings today in the...
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Northern Ireland Update

Hey hey, so figured I'd better check in here as I haven't been on here in a while. Things have been crazy busy and I've plenty to update you guys on.​
We've all mainly been resting up after our last few runs.​
Two of us (Simon and myself) ran the Belfast Half marathon in late September. We went out to just enjoy the run and raise some awareness of barefooting. It went great! We spoke with loads of people on the way round. One of those people was a local TV journalist who is also in to his running. He gave us a quick interview as we (and he) ran and he gave us a mention on his local feed.​
We also got an interview...​
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My first proper snow run
By Nisto

Winter has been mild in Copenhagen. The temperature has been hovering just above freezing for what seems like months: always cold, never cold enough for snow. Until yesterday.

When I picked up my oldest son from school to take him to capoeira (yes, I remembered!) big snow flakes were falling from the sky just like you want them do to on Christmas eve. It wasn’t freezing, but it was damn close, and most of the snow flakes managed to cling on to the ground long enough to make a snowy carpet in our street. My feet started itching.

When we got home at 17, the cargo bike begged for winter tyres, but I had other worries — and besides, we don’t have any winter tyres for any of our bikes....