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Mexico's City Half Marathon
By El Yuca Descalzo

This is the report for the Mexico City Half Marathon:

July 27th 2014

Number 5125 and you can check the time here: http://www.emociondeportiva.com

There’s really not much to say, the route was a little bit different in the city, it wasn’t as pretty as passed years but this time included some hills and crossing in a big park (Chapultepec park is the equivalent of central park in NY).

The weather was excellent and everything was set to go! This time I felt I was ready to compete being BF, so far my longest BF distance was 15 Km in the trail where I train.

I was a little worried because some streets were very harsh and abrasive but If you concentrate into apply a good technique all the way around you can be sure that there’s nothing to worry.

The race started at 7am along...
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Glenbrook Classic 2014

Sorry it has taken me so long to write anything about this, have been sick as a preschooler.

So....yup I did the run....ended up wearing sockwas, after the cold weather at GLow Worm taught me a few lessons.

If anyone in NSW remembers this weekend, we started getting severe weather warnings, sheep graziers alerts etc on Thurs / Fri. By Sat morning there was snow above 8oom, blizzard conditions in the mountains, 80km winds.....you name it. I actually phoned the event organisers twice on the Saturday to see if the event would go ahead ( it has been cancelled in the past due to bad weather).......Hell no they assured me! The weather would be fine in the mountains tomorrow apart from the...
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He's done it! Eddie Vega has run more barefoot marathons in one year than anyone else!

We're reported on him before, and yes, he is a BRS member! Eddie Vega, 54, known as the Barefoot Bandito from Raleigh, NC, set his mind to it and now he has accomplished his goal of running more barefoot marathons in one year than anyone else. At 50 barefoot marathons, he's done that! But wait, he's not finished! Because the year isn't over yet, he won't be contacting the Guinness Book of World Records until it is. He plans to continue running until December 31!

For more pictures of Eddie, please visit: http://tinyurl.com/pkg9d2l

Read on:

The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) Barry Saunders column -- http://www.thestate.com/2014/07/09/3556197/the-news-observer-raleigh-nc-barry.html

"Barefoot Bandito" is...
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Greetings From the Northern Illinois Marshlands!
By Straif

I am--or rather, my feet are--a former prisoner of 30 years.

Even as a kid, I wore shoes. It wasn't so much enforced by my parents as much as it was by myself. The world out there was sharp and scary, and I really didn't want to tangle with it so directly with something so much as my soft, tender and very white feet.

Naive I know, but that doesn't explain the ignorance of my teenage years nor my young adult life either, when it came to embracing the use of my god-given feet.

The irony of all of this, is that deep-down, my spiritual life would have to be considered one of more of the pagan variety. Of which specific flavor, I couldn't tell you. But, I just knew, perhaps like many of you, that I felt at home outside in the woods or in a grass field, or even inside, when just...