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The pinkie is on its way out, say hello to VIVO-4-Fingers
By VivoBarefoot

"We’re putting four fingers up to the evolution."

Humans are a product of evolution. Millions of years of natural selection and thousands of years of fine tuning have shaped the human race into a successful species that dominates its environment. In recent times human adaptation has begun to slow as the fight for survival has diminished. We are still a product of both genetics and environmental conditions and our ability to adapt and survive remains.

It recent time it has been argued that the only thing that is still evolving is our culture: how we learn and use our bodies and interact with each other based on learned information. We're evolving slowly through natural selection and rapidly through...
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5 Lessons from My First Maximum Aerobic Function Barefoot Race on Sharp Gravel with Hills
By Happysongbird

Last Saturday, I ran my first running race at maximum aerobic function pace AND my first race barefoot on a significant amount of of sharp asphalt while participating in the Final Kick Events 2014 Shamrock Shuffle. Here is a summary of lessons I learned from the experience: To continue reading, please visit: http://dailyimprovisations.com/less...ic-function-barefoot-race-sharp-gravel-hills/
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Manly Dam Trail Run
BRS Australia Chapter
By Spiderweb62

Right, where do I start… This was an interesting experience for me, at different levels, and even though it was my second trail, I learned so much more than the Port Stephens run, which was great, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely enjoyed that run, but I think I had the luck of the beginner, finishing in a great time, and not having any issues.

So I came home, confident of my trail running skills, where really, I should have been a bit more humble, I did not come to Manly with enough respect for trail running.

So, back to Manly ! J…We met with Kali, Murls and George at the start, which was delayed by half an hour, so we would not have to run in the dark (well more like dawn...
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Pillows are like orthotics for our necks...
By Bare Lee

Since our necks have atrophied from overly pillowed sleep, it's helpful to strengthen all parts of the head-neck apparatus while transitioning to bareneck sleeping. Some hardcore bareneck or barehead advocates recommend starting right out on the garage floor, or a gravel bed, reasoning that if you can learn to sleep gently on cold concrete or pointy stones, you will then be able to bareneck sleep almost anywhere, thus avoiding some of the more common overuse injuries--like NONP ("nape of the neck pain") and cranial stress fractures--involved in transitioning from sleeping on cushy 'head coffins' to a more natural, bareneck style. The secret is to start with short naps, and then work your way up...