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Pine To Palm 100
By Zapmamak

My crew said I had been closing down aid stations all day since they saw me at Squaw Lakes. Left behind me was a wake of bodies wrapped in space blankets lying on the ground waiting to be taken off course. I was the closer for very aid station. It seemed weird to me at the time that I was always DFL because I remember passing people. In fact, I passed about seven guys coming over Stein Butte. A few of those guys were in pretty bad shape. They had run out of water on a hot and exposed section of the ridge before they got to the aid station. In fact, we all anticipated that aid station being A LOT closer. If I had water to share with them I would have, but as it turns out my hydration pack was empty as well and I still had another tough climb ahead of me and a couple miles to go...
by George Carter at 1:23 PM
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Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT)
A Special Request
By George Carter

(as shared with the Australia Chapter)

Thanks to everyone for their support!!

You all helped me raise close to $2000 for Autism Spectrum Australia - your generosity reassures me that our society has not completely gone cold to the plight of others.

So on Sunday, September 22nd 2013, I upheld my end of the bargain…

As ready as I could possibly be, I went out there and covered 42.195k without shoes and survived.

There were many interesting distractions along the way - the heat caught me by surprise, so did the AntiSkid paint, the squashed energy gels and broken plastic cups, the cobblestone paths and my old favourite - gumnuts!!

By 34k I felt I was competing in my very own Sasuke Ninja Warrior episode!

It took 4 hours 47...
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Camelot Challenge
By Paul Beales

This was the first ever Camelot Challenge, organised to raise funds for Countess Gytha Primary School in Queen Camel, Somerset, and was a circular half marathon open to runners, walkers (and dogs) starting from The Gryphon Leisure Centre in Sherborne, Dorset.

The route circled around areas of naturally beautiful scenery through the Vale of Camelot, filled with Arthurian legends, and passes through towns, country, forests and even a stream. It was mainly on public footpaths, with some of the route opened by special permission of the land-owners.

There were a number of marshalling points and water stops around the route (and even sandwiches, cakes and tea provided halfway round for anyone not in any great hurry to finish.) Toilets, showers and changing facilities and FREE FOOD AND DRINKS...
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Oslo Marathon 42 km
By Nisto

It's difficult to say something definite about Oslo Marathon, since the course changes a bit every year. Downtown Oslo is a constant mess, or, as they would say, is in a process of constant renewal. (They also say it will be wonderful in some years. The same people decided to build the so called Barcode Project; I don't trust them for five cents.)

The 42 km this year consisted of three (or four) loops. First a 10k, then the same 10k plus an ekstra kilometer, and then a half marathon loop consisting of an extra loop out west, then south, and then the same 10k to finish it off.

It was a bit complicated, and during my run I saw one of the marathon leaders take the wrong turn once, but it was my first race of any kind in...