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:coldfeet: Winter Challenge Summary :coldfeet:

By Hikerdana

The 2016 Winter Challenge has ended. Everyone who took part in the event should have been awarded their 2016 Winter Challenge medal. If not, please let me (Hikerdana) know.

Results of the Winter Challenge 2016-2017
(Hopefully I was given the correct envelope. :oops:)

Total number of outings 1,286

Miles covered 4,995.8 (8039.96 km)

Miles covered in below freezing temperatures 1,522.9 (2450.87 km)

Grand Champion YVONNE with 742.69 miles (1195.24 km)

N. America Winner TRISTAN with 326.6 miles (525.61 km)

Europe Winner...​
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Cap City 1/2 Marathon, I finally broke 1:30!!

April 29th, 2017 time for my favorite half marathon again! And for the 4th time I was also accompanied by my friend and fellow barefoot runner @Yvonne. I've done it a couple prior years just myself, and several times doing the 5k before I was a barefoot runner. I've been attending this one more than any other over the years. Always such a great party after! More on that one later... :nailbiting:

This year the weather did not look good. It's always a mixed bag this time of year. Weather showed a good chance of rain, possible thunderstorms, wind, and warmish temps for this time of year (60's F). Not what I was hoping for at all! Thought the hourly showed a lesser chance around daybreak. Besides weather, I also wasn't in that great of shape myself... I didn't really carb load much other than eat and extra couple pieces of fruit the previous day and...​
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List of 7th annual IBRD events taking place TOMORROW around the world!

Quite impressive! If you are hosting an event, please be sure to take pictures and share them along with a short (or long) summary of your day here:

Australia (South), Adelaide

Belgium, Louvain-la-Neuve

California, Los Angeles

California, San Diego...
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Guinness World Record title for most barefoot half marathons run on consecutive days
By Guinness World Records

For nearly five years, Sonny Molina hasn’t stopped running; entering as many marathons in the US and Philippines as he possibly can.

However, Sonny is not your average athlete. He doesn’t lift weights, does not follow intense regimens, and doesn’t even go to a gym to train for his competitions.

Every day, he gets up and runs 3-6 miles on gravel trails and concrete paths, completely barefoot. To continue reading, please visit: