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I must have been keen today
By Neil_D

We are just a few days off the calendar winter and although it is a cissy winter compared to you in the northern states of the US and Canada it's kind of relative. After having summers where the temperature can range up to 45C a morning of 11C is pretty chilly.

Last week I heard news of a Parkrun starting at West Beach a suburb about 5km from where I am. I decided I should check it out.

In winter I am not in any great urge to get up early and run, I like the weak suns rays to elevate the concrete temperature to just a nice level to keep my feet happy.

This run was at 8am so not much warming going on there. The air temp was 11C but the ground would have been colder.

As this was only a test run for the organisers they were not recording times. Around 20 people turned up to run the 5km distance. I wasn't sure if it was meant to be a slower social run or a belt...
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Millersburg Rotary Club 5k/10k
By Tristan

Ok, so there were not that many people there and it wasn't super competitive. I believe there were around 75 total runners IIRC. It's a small town out in Ohio's 'Amish Country'. I love getting away from the city and doing some of the small town races, and it's such a beautiful drive through the pastoral countryside and rolling hills. I ran this race for the first time last year, made a 10k PR of 40:46 and came in second place (about 45 seconds behind the leader which doesn't sound like much but he was completely out of sight the last 1/2 mile). I was really hoping to finally break 40 minutes and have a shot of winning this year.

The last half marathon I did 3 weeks ago really took a toll on me so I didn't get much actual training for this event, mostly took it easy the last few weeks. Forecast was much like last year unfortunately, 50's which I was fine with...​
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Potawatomi Trail Runs 100 Mile Race Report
April 9, 2016

By OneBiteAtATime

100 miles. There is a mysterious allure to the number. It’s not so arbitrary like 26.2. Nor so manageable as 50. A lot of things can happen in 100 miles. Leading up to the Potawatomi Trail Runs this year, I was trying to be realistic. Trying to remind myself that I was “taking a swing” at 100. This was no sure thing.

Last October, I had jumped into a 24 hour race (undertrained) to try to approach 100 miles. Everything went very well there until mile 75 or so when my hips, knees, and ankles seized up so much as to make walking nearly impossible. Looking back, I only had 1 marathon-length training run in the months before – so I probably shouldn’t have been there. I threw in the towel at 17 hours and at that time thought 100 miles may be beyond my reach. I knew I never wanted to feel like I felt that day ever...
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OC Marathon

By Alan S

I did it! My first full marathon and barefoot as well. Happy IBRD 2016 to me. Also marking my one year anniversary since I ran for the first time barefoot with Ken Bob at the IBRD 2015.

The Orange County Marathon in sunny Southern California spans 10 miles of a water-lined route, passing some Orange county "landmarks" for the reminder.

Here I am posing with a few other "first-timers" at the start line. We had an hour to wait after we were dropped off by a shuttle. Everyone that talked to me was very shocked that I was planning on running barefoot. I did develop a 45 second "elevator pitch" for explaining why I run with out shoes. I always first quote Ken Bob by saying "it's fun".

People brave would ask me questions, but most made comments to their friends, that were just loud enough for me to hear, regarding how crazy I was. I even had a woman run up to me and ask if...