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2016 Arkansas Traveller 100 Race Report
By OneBiteAtATime

A quarter mile out of the Powerline Aid Station, I realized I’ve made a big, big mistake. “Should I go back? Can I live with it for 16 miles?” I should have just put my Luna sandals in my pack. But I didn’t. I’m 68 miles and 18 hours into a 100 mile race and I cannot get my favorite footwear back. And, by a stroke of bad-decision making, I’ve switched to shoes which are providing MUCH less protection from the rocky hardness, the unforgiving jagged footing of the Ouachita Mountains. If I felt like I was feeling every footfall through the Luna’s, these Vivobarefoot Trail Freaks are providing pure proprioception! OUCH! “Your Altras are 16 miles away at Lake Winona.” I say to myself. “Can it really be that bad between here and there?...”

24 hours earlier, I was lying perfectly still on a cot. Eyes closed, not moving, but not sleeping...
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10 - 16 - 16

It was time for me to try the marathon again. The last time left me hurt and I decided I wouldn't put myself through that again unless I could adequately prepare for it. Last year I skipped the marathon distance, knowing with everything I had going on that I couldn't get enough training in. This year I took a gamble on it, and signed up way back in spring before the first price hike. I'm not sure why they have to mess with the prices like that, but to get the most reasonable price (that is still debatable!) one must sign up so far in advance that I was barely out of my winter lull this past spring. I gave it my best shot but still wasn't adequately trained. I got descent weekly mileage in, but not consistent, and my long runs were sorely lacking. With the advice from some of you on here I decided to still go for it, but I would try to hold back and just run it casually. It might be fun to not be worried about place and pace... and with any luck I...​
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Des Plaines River Trail Races 50 Mile; 2016
By BroadArrow

No shoes, no food, no problem.

This year proved to offer redemption of sorts: I finished. And on my own terms.

Last year was cold, miserable, and an abysmal failure in almost every respect.

The primary weakness noted was that my feet were exceedingly week and took something like a week to recover. I hypothesized that this was due to having spent the vast majority of my quality training time on super smooth sidewalk. Thus, after taking 10 days off from running and then another three days of just zooming around really fast on smooth sidewalks, I bit the bullet and started running on chip-n-seal at least a little bit, whenever I could. During the winter, I did not get too much of that in because of snow and ice and no place to get off the road when cars pass. But when spring and summer arrived, I forced myself back out onto the rough stuff....
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Long Beach Marathon 2016
By Alan S

Hello my fellow barefoot people,

I am relaxing with my feet up after a day of barefoot gardening thinking about my race last Sunday 10/9/2016.

I ran my second full barefoot marathon (first one was in May 2016). Its hard for me to even imagine that I am a marathoner and a barefoot marathoner as well. Just last year someone referred to me as the barefoot running guy and I thought it was weird I wasn't super accepting of the term. It bugged me more that I wasn't accepting the title as much as I felt a new responsibility of carrying that title. So now, I am both happy to carry the title as well as be an ambassador for barefoot runner. Maybe completing a few races running barefoot has changed me. So, I ran the Long Beach Marathon. It was cool...

The Long Beach 1/2 as well as the full marathon are very barefoot able. I was not the only one running barefoot. Barefoot...