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Long Beach Marathon 2016
By Alan S

Hello my fellow barefoot people,

I am relaxing with my feet up after a day of barefoot gardening thinking about my race last Sunday 10/9/2016.

I ran my second full barefoot marathon (first one was in May 2016). Its hard for me to even imagine that I am a marathoner and a barefoot marathoner as well. Just last year someone referred to me as the barefoot running guy and I thought it was weird I wasn't super accepting of the term. It bugged me more that I wasn't accepting the title as much as I felt a new responsibility of carrying that title. So now, I am both happy to carry the title as well as be an ambassador for barefoot runner. Maybe completing a few races running barefoot has changed me. So, I ran the Long Beach Marathon. It was cool...

The Long Beach 1/2 as well as the full marathon are very barefoot able. I was not the only one running barefoot. Barefoot...
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2nd edition of the International Barefoot Trophy

One year ago I learnt from the news about a barefoot race that had been held somewhere not far away from my hometown, Valencia, Spain.
It turns out that a barefoot enthusiast living in the small town of Segorbe, Spain, had organized a 10 km race that was to be run exclusively barefoot, and this was something that I could not let escape a second time. There's no other race like this in Spain, and —correct me if I'm wrong— I'd dare to say there's probably anything like this elsewhere. It's a whole weekend devoted to barefootedness in a country where barefootedness is not really that popular, with talks about the benefits of barefoot walking and running, a small running gear fair, contests, etc.
The event included three different races on Sunday morning: a 500-meter, junior race for under-16s, a non-competitive...
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Street and Nye Mtn dayhike in the Adirondacks
By Tristan

This will be my last trip to the Adirondacks this year, but at least I was able to get the extra trip in. I had planned on a week vacation to my stompin' grounds in the north country, to visit family and also to run in the 1812 Challenge (which I reported on already). My parents had also just bought a camper and we were eager to take it on a short trip. So a couple days after arriving in northern NY we packed up and headed for the Mountains. I've been working on the 46 for a while... actually my first one was in high school in '94. Ever since I started back at hiking a few years ago, I've been getting 1 trip in per summer. Earlier this summer I did the Dix range, so this was a rare second trip. I only had a day so picked out an easy day trip of my remaining unclimbed peaks from the 46er list. Mom joined me for this day hike up Street & Nye....
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18.12 Challenge 2016
By Tristan

Time for this years 1812 Challenge, paying homage to the War of 1812. The race starts in Watertown and finishes along the shore of Lake Ontario on the battlefield of Sackets Harbor. It was a key Navy shipyard and headquarters for all of the Great Lakes. According to wikipidea by the fall of 1814, this was the third-largest population center in the entire state, after Albany and New York City. Which blows my mind considering it's a quaint small village of 1,450 at the last census.

I ran this one last year for the first time, my first out of state race, though this is actually my stompin' grounds and I make it into a trip visiting my folks. And now for the second time my folks got to see me race like they would do when I ran cross country back in high school. They got a few pics of me I can share as well, without paying the high fees from the race photos. :snaphappy:

I've been...​