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We have had several, wonderful submissions entered into our Official BRS Logo Contest. It's hard to choose! Do your best though, and pick your favorite.

You will vote for the grouping, so if there is more than one logo in a group, all of the logos will go together as a whole submission.

This poll will close on March 30, 2012, at 1:40 p.m.

Note: Some of these are still being finalized, for example, the one with just four toes; if it wins, it will have a fifth toe added! ;) Of course, the sizes will be adjusted according to its use.




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Tri-City Half Marathon
By Janson


My first half-marathon.I had been planning to run barefoot, but have been focusing on trails lately in preparation for an upcoming 50K.The trails I have been running have lots of sharp gravel that I am not ready for yet, so I’ve been wearing my Luna sandals.Because of the lack of recent barefoot running, I decided it was best to run in my Luna’s.My choice of running gear consisted of; Luna originals, with red elasticized laces, SportKilt blue Hiking Kilt, some random long sleeve running shirt I have, with the race’s technical tee on top, and my camelback waist pack with a bottle of iskiate.

I hitched a ride to the race with my friend Chris, we got there and scoped out the start and finish lines, and then ran a...
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2012 Shamrock Run, Portland, Oregon
By jldeleon

Barefoot Runner’s Society Peeps

Dan (paraganek), Nick (NickW), Jen (jldeleon) and Mike (migangelo)

(I love how everyone seems to have a “pose” in this photo)

Part I: Rated G

I wouldn’t say I wanted to “race” in this race, but I can say I wanted to meet certain goals. As usual, no injury/no pain, was my number one goal. My second goal was to pace myself well. My third goal was to drink beer. I am happy to announce that all goals were met!

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Heart Breaker Half Marathon
By Paraganek

Cold February Sunday morning, 6 AM.
Hot shower, banana and some water.
The usual pre-race ritual.
Rolling calves on my water bottle. Spreading a little Vaseline on my feet, putting ankle warmers on and heading out, barefoot.
It is brisk outside, a windy 35 degrees.

Heart Breaker Half Marathon story
About a year ago, first week in January 2011, I...