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by Barefoot TJ at 2:20 PM
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Okay, since we have had several requests for color choices, Nathan, the winner of the Official BRS Logo Contest, was kind enough to put some together that you all have been asking to see.

We will choose an "Official" color for our BRS logo, and those colors will be, hopefully, incorporated into the site's look as well.

There are seven choices to choose from, which is plenty. :)

Please also keep in mind the many other logo variations Nathan created for the Official BRS Logo Contest, as he will be creating accompanying artwork to go with the winning color selection.

The remaining color choices, those that do not win, can be made available to you to print tee shirts from the store as well, so if you have a color combo you would like to see in the store that is not the "official" winning color combo, so you can purchase a shirt or other item, please just email me at BarefootTJ@TheBarefootRunners.org.

We will let this contest run until Noon on Wednesday, April...
by Barefoot TJ at 9:14 PM
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Vibram FiveFingers Class Action Lawsuit — Does It Have Merit?
By Steven Sashen, Invisible Shoes
BIG news in the barefoot running shoe world today. Vibram has been named as the defendant in a class action lawsuit seeking $5,000,000 in damages for the use of deceptive statements about the health benefits of Vibram FiveFingers.

Is there anything to the case?

Well, I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t play one on TV.

But I read the case (posted here), and have some thoughts (and I’m looking forward to yours).

My first few thoughts, having nothing to do with the merits of the case, are:

a) I like Vibram. Even though the products don’t work for me, and as you know I’ve teased them (about smell...​
by JosephTree at 12:30 PM
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Kutztown Fools Run 10 Miler
By JosephTree

Yesterday I ran the first of my spring tour road races, a reprise of my first race of last year's season. It was just like a miserable morning when I woke up - 36F, drizzle and no prospect for any improvement in the forecast. Fortunately, I paid no attention and had a pleasant breakfast and a leisurely drive to the race with my #1 good company, Lynn. I got signed in and warmed up without really noticing that the morning had actually gotten, if not nice, at least not so ugly by the time we were lined up to start. That meant that the drizzle had mostly abated. Good enough!

To get ready for this race I'd gone and read some books and such, so I ran a little warmup, and had a little bit of sweat going. This was a first for me, and I think it was a good thing. The...
by Barefoot TJ at 1:44 PM
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Running Shod More Efficient
Parts 1 & 2
By Ahcuah

Part 1:

There’s been quite a bit of talk lately about a new study that came out early in the month, Metabolic Cost of Running Barefoot versus Shod: Is Lighter Better?, by Jason R. Franz, Corbyn M. Wierzbinski, and Rodger Kram. You can see one of the stories at Barefoot Running Less Efficient.

I’ve taken a bit of a look at the study.

The way these studies work is that they put special masks on their runners that measure both oxygen used and carbon dioxide produced. From those levels you can tell how much energy the body burned, and then comparisons can be made.

It is already generally acknowledged in the...