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Barfußlaufen - unten ohne
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Der Minimalismus hat den Laufsport gepackt! Barfußlaufen ist der neue Trend, an dem man sich aber nur vorsichtig herantasten sollte. ,Unten (fast) ohne' sollte grundsätzlich vorsichtig angegangen und nur als Ergänzung zum traditionellen Lauftraining gesehen werden. Was ist aber dran an der Theorie, dass beim Barfußlaufen die natürliche Bewegung der Muskeln gefördert und das Verletzungsrisiko minimiert wird? Und wieso trägt man beim Barfußlaufen zumeist doch Schuhe? Lernen Sie mehr dazu auch in unserer Foto-Show....
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Introducing Your new BRS Secretary, Sara Lord!

We are pleased and proud to announce the addition of a new staff member at the BRS, SaraLord. Sara has stepped up to take on the Secretary’s role and will be available to answer any questions you may have. Sara has been a long time member and great supporter of the BRS. She is also the New Mexico Chapter President.

Sara has been living in New Mexico for the past two years, but she originally hails from New England where she attended Providence College in Rhode Island. She also lived in Hong...
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Meet Henry

I am introducing a new topic to my blog, one which I am planning on expanding as I travel. However, an opportunity arose to start now. This topic is called *Electric* People and it is dedicated to people I meet that inspire me and compel me to share their story here.

I am drawn to people with positive energy that live and think outside the box - and I was lucky to meet such a person at my local running store in Mississauga.

It was a dreary, cold, windy and rainy evening in early March and I was loitering around at a running store waiting for friends to come in from their group runs to hang out after. I saw runner after runner come in looking like they had just run in depressing weather and were happy for...
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Rare Backstage Video Of Anthony Field Ab Training On A Flying Trapeze
By Dr. James Stoxen

Dr. James Stoxen, DC, and Wiggle’s, Anthony Field training backstage
Rosemont Theater, Chicago, IL, 2009


Back in 2004, Anthony didn’t have a structured exercise routine. He needed to lose some weight and he certainly had to find a way to work out and eat a healthier diet, but he didn’t know where to start.

The Anthony Field, Circus-Playground Training Routine:

Anthony had the same excuses that many other people had with a few more that most of us could not understand. He couldn’t just walk into a fitness center and mix in with...