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Secret to Increasing Ankle Stability? Plantar Feedback
By Dr. Emily Splichal

Greetings from Asia! This week’s post I wanted to share a topic that is of great interest to me– barefoot training for ankle instability.
Every month I like to check out the newest issues of my favorite exercise science, sports medicine and Podiatry journals. During my reading, I came across an interesting article on the chronic ankle instability and plantar cutaneous feedback.

Chronic Ankle Instability
Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in the physically active – and one of the most common foot & ankle related injuries treated in an emergency room setting. It is estimated that up to 70% of individuals who experienced an ankle sprain have residual symptoms including instability or recurrent...
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First Half of a full - but fully half – Race Report
Oktoberfest Old Boy's Brewery Half Marathon– Spring Lake, MI
By Zetti
So I had been planning on running the Spring Lake Old Boys Brewery Oktoberfest Full Marathon since early April. A foul bout of ITBS however had other plans. After much patients and help from your hooligans, I was able to free myself from the ever persistent jaws of the classic chronic runner’s conundrum and sign up for the half marathon while still maintaining a slight sense of dignity. This is my longest race as I have only run 5ks before this.​
The weekend before the race I went on a 9 miler with a running buddy who was also planning on running the half. After the run I experienced a nagging pain in my right foot just below the base...​
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Two bare feet, One Hail Storm, and 24 Hours
(North Coast 24 race report)
By Barefoot HannahC

The endurance weekend started unexpectedly on Thursday at 7:30 pm in the emergency room at the Cleveland Clinic. My husband was having a possible bad reaction to a tetanus shot: soreness, fever, muscle fasciculations. We were a few miles and 36 hours from the start of the North Coast 24. We couldn't be farther away. No race was worth being away unless something improved.

I felt like the biggest ass on the planet. Only a few days before I had joked, "This time don't end up in the emergency room." My first marathon and first bare foot race,...
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Prevent Lower Extremity Injuries in Runners
By Dr. Emily Splichal

Did you know that on average 70% of runners experience an overuse injury as a result of uncontrolled ground reaction forces? (Hreljac 2004)

From weight loss to cardiovascular conditioning, running is one of the most common forms of exercise. Research in running shoe technology has made companies such as Nike and Reebok, leaders in this million-dollar industry. Despite the millions of dollars spent on advancing shoe design, there is still a high rate of lower extremity injuries among runners. With the high rate of running-related injuries there has been a recent trend in runners kicking off their $150 sneakers and opting to run barefoot....