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On Sunday, May 6, 2012, I attended one of the most memorable runs in my life (and I have done many races back when I was an active athlete!): the 2nd Slovenian Barefoot Run in honor of the International Barefoot Running Day (IBRD).

» Happy Slovenian barefoot runners
The weather wasn’t...
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It’s Not Natural, and Definitely Not Normal, to Die From Cardiac Arrest:
The Death of Caballo Blanco
By Sock Doc, Dr. Steve Gangemi

It’s interesting to read a report, in this case an autopsy report, which reads that the individual died of heart disease that was “natural” when that person was only 58 years old and supposedly in excellent health. I’m referring to the sudden and to some extent, unexplained death of Micah True, also known as Caballo Blanco – the man made well known throughout the world from the huge success of Christopher McDougall’s book Born To Run. He was found dead during a training run on March 27, 2012.

The medical examiner performing the autopsy has...
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Trail Marathon 2012
By John "Stjohnthegambler" Yohe

Today is looking perfect: sunny and let’s-run-a-marathon-ish, though right now, driving over to Pinkney, frost is glowing on the ground. When I get to the now-familiar parking lot (where not too long ago I ran the Pot O’ Gold Fat Ass 50K) I’m surprised at the lack of car chaos. This year for the Trail Marathon, the sponsor, local running chain Running Fit, has split the half and full marathon, the half was yesterday, Saturday, and they’ve also added a 50K option for today, as well as the ‘No Wimps’ Challenge: run the half AND either the full or the 50K today. I, alas, am feeling wimpish, and am ‘only’ running the full marathon. I just couldn’t justify the extra entry fee cost, nor the additional 45 minute (one way) drive over in one weekend.

I’m also not necessarily feeling up to the...
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2012 IBRD Official Report
By Paleo

Hi Everyone,

The second annual International Barefoot Running Day was a great success! We are still gathering the stories, pictures and statistics, but we are hoping to top last year's event by a wide margin.

The statistics so far:
  • Registered events: 40
  • Countries with events: 12
  • Continents represented: 4 (N. America, S. America, Europe, Australia)
  • U.S. States represented:17
  • Number of runners: 304
  • Estimated total distance run: over 2200 KM / 1600 miles.
As the fate of our global time has it, the Australians again honored us by getting IBRD off to a great start in Brisbane and Adelaide with a total of 8 runners. Neil tells a hilarious story below of trying to find his barefoot running group. Normally, Barefooters don’t even bother to say “look for the guy not wearing...