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Peanut Butter Chip Chase 5KBy Randicoot
I did my first race ever today (actually yesterday by now), the Peanut Butter Chip Chase 5K in Temple, NH. I was a little hesitant to do it since my left ankle has been bothering me for a while--pretty much since I started wearing minshoes when it got cold in October. My last run was the day before festivus when I did 6 miles--my farthest ever. The ankle hurt more than it had been, still a tolerable low level pain, but I figured I'd give it a rest anyway. So with a week off it felt mostly good and I thought the race would be a good test to see if I was ready to run again.

When I arrived to register there was a guy with a camera who came up to me and asked if I was the guy he'd seen running BF last summer. Said I must have the toughest feet. I said well you have to let them gradually adapt. His name is Don and he lives farther down the road from me.

After registering, I still had some time before noon when the race starts so I...
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My Hardest Marathon So FarBy Jlubkoll

Usually at the beginning of December the running season is over, the big autumn marathons passed and training is being cut down a little to refresh for the next year.

I wanted it a little different this year.

Once a year - at the first weekend in December - a marathon of up to 400 participants is being run in Sondershausen, Germany in an old salt mine. This was the 10th edition of the run and mid of the year I decided to sign up for it, that has to be done early as the spaces book out completly. The mine is between 500-1100m below the surface of the earth. The run takes place around the 700m level.

The depth of 700m adds certain "features" to the run. Being in a salt mine makes this very very dry (less than 30% humidity, always, everywhere) and being so far below the ground makes it pretty warm (23-30 degC, depending on the position in the mine and the "weather" there. It is also - except a little bit of lighting installed at...
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Fat AssBy John "stjohnthegambler" Yohe

[​IMG]I probably shouldn’t be here. I’m recovering from a bad cold this week, even though the fever broke, I’m still not feeling well, aggravated by having to get up early, and whenever I have to get up early, I end up not sleeping well the night before, thus effectively putting me at only a few hours of sleep.

But I can’t help it. I’m curious. I’m at my first “FAT ASS” marathon. Although it’s being put on by the ‘RUT’ (Running Fit Ultra-Running Team), as I understand it, this is a growing nation phenomenon, in which someone with a little bit of time on their hands, enough to make some flyers and make a FaceBook group page anyways, invites anyone that wants to come out and run an unofficial race. For free. Yep, let me repeat that: For free.

And, a bunch of...
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Featured MeetupBRS Oregon ChapterJingle Bell Run 5KBy Migangelo

Deadlines can be a good motivator. Then why is it i'm typing this instead of studying for my finals? I guess becauseI love procrastination.

Last week, 7 of us BRS'ers met up to do this little 5k with a few thousand other close friends of ours. we met another BRS'r before the race who is more of a lurker, Todd. i made the call to meet up in front of a bar before the race. no, not to drink, they weren't open at 8 am. i wanted to go for a nice little warm up run before i kicked off my huaraches and went bare for the race. Nick is the only one who joined me.

we met jdleon, suzanne, janson, paraganek, and joshh at the bar. we got our packets from jen who organized the team sign up. PG didn't get his packet for some reason so jen gave him hers. amazingly she got a faster time than me even though i finished before her.

about a mile into the warm up run i had to get rid of excess water. i went...