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Forest Park Marathon
By John "stjohnthegambler" Yohe

This is never going to happen again in my life probably, but I am actually walking from my door, two blocks to a marathon. This is the advantage of living near the Forest Park Conservancy, in northwest Portland. I’ve already been running miles and miles on its trails, but when I saw the sign for this marathon, I couldn’t resist, even with the perhaps steep price of $150, since I’ll be saving money on not having to drive, and all proceeds go to supporting the Park, which I’d want to do anyways. Plus, in a raffle before the race, I actually won a $150 gift certificate to a running store! Another thing that will never happen in my life again.

I still somehow have to get up at five in the morning though, but ok. After forcing down a bagel and peanut butter, I grab my stuff and simply walk over to Montgomery...
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The Canadian Death Race -The 'Views' From A Barefoot Runner'
By Barefooting Bob

I had truly intended for this post to go out very quickly after we finished the Death Race, but everytime I sat down to start writing I started thinking about Lost Soul which I ran last weekend (report to come hopefully very quickly). I was on such a runner's high right after the race that I could not sit still long enough to start typing and when I did, my mind would drift towards thinking about my upcoming 100 miler. So for this I applogize, especially to Wendy as I know she has been chomping at the bit to read this. So here we go........
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Save Your Shoe Money
2012 Fundraiser
Support Your Club
Dear Friends,​
The Barefoot Runners Society needs your support.
As you know, the BRS is funded and operated solely by its members. A modest income...​
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One Bare Foot to Another at the Barefoot Runners Society
By Happysongbird

If you are the only barefoot runner in town, you don’t want to add to the stigma by talking to yourself all the time. :) Even the least verbal people seem to have a desire to talk about their passionate pursuits, but a group-of-one doesn’t work. Books are great to get started; motivation has to have life in your inner core; however, conversation with fellow enthusiasts brings insight and energy to a new level. That is why I ventured to join The Barefoot Runners Society, my first ever online forum.

I proceeded cautiously, my knowledge of forums coming mostly from news reports of stalkers. I tried a couple of different websites in the beginning, but found this one to be the best combination of friendly and...