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By Martyn Candler
First off I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped out with Brighton Barefoot 2012. Big or small the event would not happen without you.

So, thank you to – Lucy Macklin and Mr Band for marshalling. Thanks to The Naked Ape and Vivobarefoot for their contributions to the goodie bags. ...
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Manitoba Trail 50k-Spruce Woods: A Great Day For A Run
By Bob Nicol

We could not of asked for a more perfect day, the weather was fantastic, a great technical barefoot trail (I will clarify this later) ahead of us, a good selection of experienced and new to the ultra running scene runners, very enthusiastic volunteers and a Race Director that takes pride in what he does. All in all, a recipe for a unbelievable day and event.

It was a early rise for us, as we prepared to get out to Spruce Woods in plenty of time to ensure we both had a chance to get the pre-race necessities out of the way as well as have a chance to relax and get ready for the 8:30 am start time. The drive was fairly uneventful, we saw a beautiful sunrise coming over the horizon behind us as we headed west towards the park. It was...
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45. Internationaler Hagener Volkslauf
45th International Hagen fun run
By Jesko

Wie schon angekündigt habe ich beim 45. Internationalem Hagener Volkslauf über die 10km teilgenommen.

Vorweg, ich habe ihn erfolgreich und vor allem Verletzungsfrei gefinished.
Vor dem start war das staunen bei allen mitläufern des HM und des 10ers riesen groß. Schnell kam man ins gespräch und die obligatorischen fragen wurden gestellt die ich natürlich bereitwillig beantwortete.

Ein paar hobby läufer konnten dies aber nicht begreifen das ich gerade diese strecke Barfuß laufen will. "Diese strecke ist Barfuß in keinster weise machbar" oder "der ist doch total verrückt" diese sätze wurden mir vor dem start zu hauf an den kopf geworfen.
Ich ließ das unwissende volk reden.

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Kalamazoo Marathon - IBRD
By John "stjohnthegambler" Yohe

The Super Moon appears through the clouds on my drive west to Kalamazoo, looking big and full on the horizon. A good omen, I think. And, just beautiful at five in the morning. Yep, I got up at four o'clock to get over to the Kalamazoo Marathon in order to pick up my schwag and bib before the race. Last year I indulged and stayed at the Radisson the night before, but it's just not worth the money, especially since I would be getting up early anyways. Early is early to this night owl.

Getting into the race Start is super easy. I park in the same spot as last year, right across from the start, with with easy access back out when I'm down. Way more convenient than the Detroit Marathon, for example.

Spring has sprung here in Michigan. Muggy. I bit chilly, but not too bad, and I may even...