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First BF marathon report by longtime lurker...
Joris Goose

After lurking and leeching heavily here and there, soaking info like a maniac sponge, I am finally posting my first and loooooooong report here about (the road to) my first BF marathon, to make up for my posting passivity.

Hopefully, it is more interesting for you guys to hear about transition, MAF runs, spring versus active foot lift, low carbs and red beetjuice than my friends and family who are by no means as geeky as I am ;)

Short background: 33 years old guy, have been playing field hockey until I went to college, then started partying and drinking pretty competitively and stopped all real sports activities all together. Six years ago started running. Usual story I guess, running with a nike+ app and loud music on and trying to go...
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My First Ultra: Paatuwaqatsi 50k Report
By Barefoot in Arizona
Walpi from the north

“I run in reverence of all living things. In our prayers may we always remember that water is life.”
~ Paatuwaqatsi run motto

"Why are we taught to run early in the morning? Because running not only strengthens you physically, it strengthens you spiritually. A runner would take one of the many foot trails from the village in the early morning to a spring, take a drink from the spring and sprinkle himself with the cold water. This gave that person strength and provided healing for any ailments."
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By rrunner64

Wenn wir jetzt so ein schönes Forum haben, will ich mich auch mal an einem kleinen Laufbericht zum Dresden Marathon versuchen. Wie immer habe ich die Nacht vor einem Marathon schlecht geschlafen. Von daher waren 6 h schon mehr als ich erwartet hatte. Dann noch relativ spät gefrühstückt und das sollte sich rächen.

Vom Wetter her wäre ein Lauf ohne Schuhe für mich definitiv möglich, aber ich will sehen, wie viel schneller ich bin, wenn ich auch etwas unachtsamer auftreten kann. Deshalb ziehe ich meine kampferprobten Five Fingers an und mache mich auf den Weg. Was?! Ich soll eine Viertelstunde auf die nächste Straßenbahn warten? Dann lieber zu Fuß die 2 km zum Congress Center, denn ich bin eh schon etwas spät dran. Dort angekommen, gebe ich in der Tiefgarage meine Sachen ab. Das ist wirklich sehr...
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Grand Canyon - Rim to River to Rim
By Rick Whitelaw

Most people have heard of the Grand Canyon, many have seen it. Some people hike it and some crazy people run it. Ok, maybe not crazy since I’d like to be one of them. Let’s just say adventurous. Crossing the Grand Canyon has become a “bucket list” item. Most Ultra runners or aspiring Ultra runners will have done, or will do, a Rim to Rim to Rim. A double crossing. Those not quite up to that level should consider a single crossing and those not up to that level should try a rim to river or multi day trek, those not up to that level should consider a short out and back. The point is, the options are numerous and so many people go to the Grand Canyon and not even go beyond the rims. I encourage everyone to go to the Grand Canyon, take your pictures on the rim, and then hike down a little, or...