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Olympics, Women and Barefoot Running
From our very own Kate "Kitty" Kift
BRS Regional VP and writer for Candian Running Magazine

A talent apparent in the Barefoot running community is that we can tie-in almost anything to barefoot running. How many barefoot runners can run 5 miles while eating doughnuts? I can name three. Actually three started, but two were disqualified because they failed to eat 24 donuts – I think at least one of them threw up.

I am a genius for making tenuous links. As I was running my usual route, I came up with another random connection. How do you connect barefoot running, equality for women and the Olympics?

1984. Zola Budd would have also worked too. Read more here:...
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Healthy, Active, Barefoot Kids
By Dr. Stephen Gangemi, a.k.a. Sock Doc

Kids these days! I sound like my grandparents saying that, but the difference is while they were perhaps referring to some punk kid tailgating them on their way home from their weekly Bingo game, I’m referring to the kids walking around in pumped-up-kicks whose health and fitness levels fall very short of achieving any Presidential Fitness Award.

Raising healthy kids starts with the feet, and that means the bare feet. It’s what our parents and grandparents did as kids. It’s what Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer did too, and they had some pretty cool adventures. Now kids would rather stay indoors, texting and friending on Facebook instead of playing with friends...
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Barefoot Running Anniversary Manifesto
By Jldeleon

Since there was nothing taboo in here (you all know what I mean ;)) , I thought it was worthy of a repeat and some front page coverage. ~TJ

It's been one year since I have been running barefoot. Though I actually started running 3 months prior to this anniversary, this is my REAL anniversary because this is when I learned the true joy of my bare feet touching the earth.

I want to talk about the people who inspired me along this transition. Initially, I was inspired by my husband, who used to run marathons. He had told me many times about how addictive running is, and he told me, "You will become addicted." I thought, sure whatever, but he is right. He said, "Your body will CRAVE running." And it...
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Missoula Marathon
By John "stjohnthegambler" Yohe

Wow, where are we going? I’m on the shuttle bus, heading west on I-90, to the start of the Missoula Marathon. The course is point-to-point: We basically start 25 miles west of town and make our way back following the Clark Fork River Valley (The Clark Fork of the ____ River). But the ride seems really, really long. I mean, I guess twenty five miles does take a half hour, but it’s an unexpected reminder that yep, a marathon is a long way.

I stumbled on this race by chance—just in town to visit my friend Jena on my way out to Portland. And, since the race wasn’t sold out, I was able to sign up yesterday at the expo. And I figured, why not the full? Only costs ten more dollars than the half. The only problem being that I haven’t really trained, or run, much in the last month, with being on...