Not as exciting as hiking in Greenland

Discussion in 'Barefoot & Minimalist Hiking' started by lparker, Nov 18, 2013.

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    But I did a 13.6 mile hike yesterday in the Hickory Creek Wilderness Area in the Allegany National Forest in Pa. with two shod hikers. Supposed to have been a 6 hour 12 mile hike...ended up about 8 hours counting the time waiting for the forest service police officer to help get us out without following the trail after dark. We two guys didn't have a problem with taking the trail but the lady with us was panicking because we were bushwacking after losing the trail several times.

    The trail was poorly marked with fading it's and we did lose it several times in daylight..., which put us on it after dark when it was all but impossible to see it.
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    Well, that sounds exciting to me! And a lot warmer! :coldfeet:


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    Hey TJ I was supposed to say that :)
    Looks like a very nice hike and very similar to the terrain we hiked in the netherlands recently.


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