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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Darkand, Jan 28, 2014.

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    Northern Ireland Update

    Hey hey, so figured I'd better check in here as I haven't been on here in a while. Things have been crazy busy and I've plenty to update you guys on.

    We've all mainly been resting up after our last few runs.

    Two of us (Simon and myself) ran the Belfast Half marathon in late September. We went out to just enjoy the run and raise some awareness of barefooting. It went great! We spoke with loads of people on the way round. One of those people was a local TV journalist who is also in to his running. He gave us a quick interview as we (and he) ran and he gave us a mention on his local feed.

    We also got an interview at the end with a local paper who did a small piece on us. All great publicity.

    Then in October four of us ran popular road and beach race at the foot of the Mourne mountains. Lots of running clubs and athletics society bigwigs in attendance. We ran, we chatted, we schmoosed with the big wigs and raised our profile as barefooters.

    Again, good times!

    A few other noteworthy mentions.

    We got a mention in a popular travel blog/race report online from my run at the Titanic 25k (see below)

    This got us quite a few follows on Facebook and twitter.

    And then last month, a local barefooter and musician, by the name of Dave Thompson, gave a TED talk on barefoot running. A very witty, clever and informative talk that will have have done wonders for raising the profile of barefooters in NI. See the talk below :)

    Dave, quite honourably, gives Simon, myself and Barefoot Running NI a mention at the end of his talk. He told the crowd there was a small group of runners out there now in NI, completing runs Barefoot, that two of us had just run the Belfast half marathon and that it was just a matter of time before one of us completed a full marathon.

    Tim Khanna here replied "challenge accepted!"

    As a result Tim, Simon, Paul and myself and entered the Belfast marathon in May. We're confident for a four man finish!

    We may also have a few minimalist runners taking on the marathon relay this year too. Yet to materialise but I'm confident this will happen.

    We've also had contact from a few running clubs re heading over and giving a talk/masterclass on Barefoot running. This has gotten the ball rolling on getting qualified as a Barefoot running instructor. There are a few courses coming up in London, run by Vivo Barefoot's Lee Saxby, and I (and maybe Simon) have plans to get booked in, get over and get qualified. It's pricey enough so I'm curently pulling the funds together. Once qualified I'm hoping we can really take off as a running club. Get formally registered, hire a venue once a week and give some coaching to interested individuals and clubs.

    Anyway just a check in to let you guys know Barefoot running is still very much alive in Northern Ireland and will hopefully be expanding in the months to come.

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    Keep up the good work Andy! Looking forward to seeing the details for your Amis Sans Shoes 10K ;)


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    Haha That's us on the homepage too! Good work Andy :)
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