Favorite Twin Cities Running Spots

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    Here are my favorite 3 spots for barefoot running.

    Lake Harriet, Minneapolis -- This one is only a few blocks from me, so that is a big part of its appeal to me. The pavement is still in good shape, and there are short stretches of grass on the southwest side. This is a beautiful lake park with plenty of activities nearly every day in the summer.

    Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis -- The walking path is about 3.1 miles, so it is a good 5k training course. There are several long stretches of grass on the east, south and southwest corners. The paved path gets a little crowded on the north side bridge over the "canal" between lakes.

    Hyland Park, Bloomington -- This large suburban park has miles of grass and dirt trails. The only real drawback is the use of wood chips on the dirt trails. When it is fresh, it is a little painful to run on. The older chips though, are almost the perfect surface for barefoot running. There are also some sections where plastic matting has been laid down to control erosion. You may want to walk over these sections. There are plenty of hills too, for those interested in doing a good hill workout. My favorite running memory at Hyland was descending a long gradual downhill, heading into the sunset, with a mother deer and her fawn standing beside the lake at the bottom of the hill.

    Anyone else from the Twin Cities area have some favorite spots?
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