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Discussion in 'Chapters' started by tola, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. tola Barefooters

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    We have a new member!!! Yay!! We are up to 16; great # to have a meet up. Let's get together! Temps have been great in the afternoon (over 40 degrees) in Boise, perfect for a short run. Wednesday February 8th is a promising warm afternoon. Let me know who is up for a run and will decide place. It will be around 5:00 p.m. and we could go for a drink after all.

    See you on the roads!



  2. broockmann Barefooters

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    Sorry I can't make this one, I messed up my knee skiing last week and need to rest it up a bit. Have fun!

  3. barleyhusk Barefooters

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    Hello, I think I was that sixteenth member. I got signed up just as the pages went all wonky, so I wasn't able to reply. I'm Casey, in Nampa at the moment. I'll be up for a get together soon. I got into Robie and that'll be my first half-marathon. Been having some pain in my right leg so I'm off it for a bit. But when all healed, I would like to meet some more folk who enjoy the barefoot running experience.

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