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    1. Gidds
      Nice chickens :-p One of my favorite dishes but with slightly different "seasoning"
      1. The Ramzev
        The Ramzev
        Thanks! Usually the cans have a more hoppy IPA, like a Dogfish, I think the flavor is a little better than a lager
        May 22, 2012
      2. Gidds
        I use apple juice concentrate, butter and sometimes this stuff called "creole butter" that I think exists only in the South
        May 23, 2012
    2. Barefoot TJ
      So, MandyFromBernard...any relation to M.M. CAW? -TJ
      1. The Ramzev
        The Ramzev
        Not that I am aware of. I have no plans for MM Caw to sign up here, RW is home for him. But it's funny, now that you say that, it, Mandy does sound like she could be related.
        Caw caused some probems I think, I'd never bring those problems here. You have my word.
        Apr 26, 2012
      2. Barefoot TJ
        Barefoot TJ
        Yea, right. Ha! Did you read her latest post about having her period? -TJ
        Apr 27, 2012
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    The great advantage of our sport over all others is that we don't need a ball or a team or a field, or even, according to some, shoes. We just need to stand someplace, imagine ourselves in the center of a circle, pick one out of the 360 degrees available to us, and head thataway. ~Peter Sagal


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