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Barefoot TJ

Administrator, Female, from Sharpsburg, GA

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Nov 27, 2015 at 3:45 PM
    1. Barefootigor
      Hi HJ,
      I have been trying to add my location to the map but for some reasons it doesn't work. Any suggestions.


      Keep up with his beautiful job

      Cheers from Switzerland

      1. Barefoot TJ
        Barefoot TJ
        I think we have hit a limit in the number of markers that can be placed on the map. Nice to know there are so many of us out there. We are due for a major site upgrade (process to re-begin at the end of September, I am told), and our developer believes this problem should be resolved. Thanks for your patience. And welcome to the BRS! -TJ
        Aug 30, 2015
      2. Barefootigor
        Dear TJ,
        thanks for this rational explanation. Will be waiting patiently.
        Take care
        Sep 12, 2015
    2. narrowtoeboxisstupid
      hi barefoot TJ, can you help me? how can i send private messages to other users?
      1. Barefoot TJ
        Barefoot TJ
        You can do it the way you just messaged this to me, or you can go to your Inbox and select Start a New Conversation.
        Mar 17, 2015
      2. narrowtoeboxisstupid
        so in new conversation will create private messages, ok thank you very much barefoot TJ
        Mar 17, 2015
    3. narrowtoeboxisstupid
      hi, sorry to say curse words didnt know they were forbidden, will my post be removed?
      1. Barefoot TJ
        Barefoot TJ
        What is the link to the thread again, please?
        Oct 4, 2014
    4. Michael Dally
      Hey TJ,

      I would like to run a giveaway on the forum for our new winter sandals and wanted to coordinate with you before I post.

      1. Barefoot TJ
        Barefoot TJ
        I have responded in email, although I am having trouble sending email at the moment, but please check on it shortly. -TJ
        Nov 27, 2013
    5. Minimuri
      Hello TJ,
      We have a group of barefoot and minimalist runners in México City and it will be an honor to lead the barefoot running day on may 5th.

      Please contact me to get organized. mi e-mail

      by the way we train Tecnique, strenght and introduce to the barefoot running on mondays in Viveros Park at 7:00am and in Chapultepec second section at 6:30pm

    6. Pjruns2
      Had to breakup my comments into smaller chuncks? Perhaps email would have been better
    7. Pjruns2
      Oh-I may have mentioned the better girl watching on that level as well) I tried to make it clear that I appreciate the HealthPlex making accommodations for me and that I made it a point to NOT complain.
      I made the videos this morning too show that I was still nice on the lower level too and that they were not trying to hide me in the basement - or are they!...
    8. Pjruns2
      The files are too large to email without breaking them down into smaller parts, but I'll do that tonight and send them to you as well.
      Although I told her I would rather run on the main level (that's where most workout, lift, play basketball etc.
    9. Pjruns2
      a little more:
      As I have written, I am allowed to run barefoot on a treadmill, but only in the lower level of the health club. Anjali seemed like she wanted to get an idea of the difference in running on the main level of the place vs. the lower level. I recorded a couple of videos this morning showing both levels.
    10. Pjruns2
      TJ: talked with Anjali yesterday. It was a pleasant conversation. She asked about my sources when I first started running barefoot so I mentioned BRS and the good information I have gotten from the website/forum.
    11. Pjruns2
      TJ, I replied to the WSJ reporter this morning by email. I said that I would like to talk with him. I'll let you know how it goes. I'd like my response to his questions to be open and honest and positive. I'd appreciate a prayer for that and hope I might be able to mention the help and support by reading your forum.
      1. Barefoot TJ
        Barefoot TJ
        Hi PJ, the reporter is a lady, and yes, please feel free to mention the BRS. We do hope and pray that all reporting will be honest and offer the most support and help for all reading. Thanks! -TJ
        Mar 1, 2013
    12. Entrenamiento Natural
      Hi TJ

      We have just sent an email to you to

      Thanks in advance
    13. RunSwanson
      How does one get the "Stomp of Approval" for their blog?
    14. PB Junkie
      TJ, saw your post re the running pads. You might want to try the Luna Leadvilles. I have a pair and they might just fit the bill for you. The "naked tops" have a 10mm sole that is very light and flexible. The ATS laces are very comfortable too.
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      2. PB Junkie
        PB Junkie
        $85 or $100 for custom. I'll let you know if I see any discount codes.
        Jul 5, 2012
      3. Barefoot TJ
        Barefoot TJ
        Thanks! I saw in his newsletter where he's getting ready to release a really thick version. I would be most interested in those, since my nerves are shot in my feet, which is a shame. -TJ
        Jul 6, 2012
      4. Entrenamiento Natural
        Entrenamiento Natural
        We have one of them and we love them !!!
        Jan 22, 2013
    15. Barefoot Ron
      TJ, I am now following you on Twitter @barefootron. The twitter #barefoot community is growing and there is a lot of twitter activity concerning barefoot running/hiking. Twitter might be a good way to get more barefooters interested in the Barefoot Runners Society. There is a twitter @BarefootRunSoc that looks to be out of date. It links to the old web page.

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      2. Barefoot TJ
        Barefoot TJ
        Jason Robillard created that Twitter page, we think, and he and I have talked about it in the past, but he says he can't remember his login or password, then he got busy traveling with Merrell, and we let this fall to the wayside. I have just written to him again, and asked him to see if he can write to Twittter to get access to the page. Otherwise, we will ask them to kill it and start another one.
        Apr 20, 2012
      3. Barefoot Ron
        Barefoot Ron
        Barefoot Ron I follow Jason on his @barefootjason twitter account and he is quite active.

        Also, that is so awesome that you met Zola! I always loved watching her run barefoot. I thought is was so cool.
        Apr 21, 2012
      4. Barefoot TJ
        Barefoot TJ
        Jason is one of the co-founders of the BRS and still our Activities VP. He checked deep within his old emails for me again and found the login info for our Twitter account, so we now have that resolved and updated. Thanks for getting onto me to get it fixed.

        Zola seemed like a very quiet, sweet person, and of course she won the 25K she ran that day. -TJ
        Apr 21, 2012
    16. BarefootJL
      TJ, I know I've been a serious lurker for some time (I'm trying to change that), but I have a request:
      Since I'm the only active member in the Mexico Chapter that actually lives in Mexico (sad but true), could I be made a Chapter owner? LorenaG, the current owner, hasn't logged in for a while and I contacted her once but never replied, so that leaves our chapter headless.
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      2. Barefoot TJ
        Barefoot TJ
        I will forward your request onto Kate Kift (KittyK) at She is the Regional VP and handles the chapters. One thing though, we can't make you a Chapter President unless you are willing to step up to strum up interest and host some runs. -TJ
        Apr 18, 2012
      3. BarefootJL
        I get that completely, and I'll do my best. Although I can't promise tangible results, the few of us in the chapter are very separate from one another, so it'll be difficult to get together. I'm getting into a local race for the first time, so I hope that can get at least a few people interested.
        Apr 18, 2012
      4. BarefootJL
        As for stirring up interest, I'm actually about to post something about the almost non-existance of we latin americans in the community.

        Apr 18, 2012
    17. Shawn M Sprague
      TJ I have a couple of pictures of BFR's running in the Boston Marathon should I post them on here even though I do not know them?? and if so where should I post them??
      1. Barefoot TJ
        Barefoot TJ
        As long as they are not taken by a profressional race photographer or the like, I would say post them in the Barefoot & Minimalist Running forum. Or you could put them in the Races & Events forum. -TJ
        Apr 16, 2012
      2. Shawn M Sprague
        Shawn M Sprague
        NOT professional I took them with my camera
        Apr 16, 2012
    18. 7ships
      Hey TJ,
      I've contacted the WI chapter both through the forum here and FB and am getting no responses. It's not an active chapter (last activity last Sept). I'd love to get it going.
      Do you know the admin? What can I do?
      The new forum is fantastic, so happy that it's up and running:).
      Thank you,
      1. Barefoot TJ
        Barefoot TJ
        I will respond in an email to you. If you don't get it, please let me know. Thanks! -TJ
        Apr 13, 2012
    19. Warren Dickey
      I know this is probably a stupid question considering we are running a contest for a new logo but are we no longer allowed to use the old one? I ask because I really like the old one and have adapted it for the Florida-Tampa Chapter. Do I need to take it off my Facebook and Twitter page?

      1. Barefoot TJ
        Barefoot TJ
        Sorry, but yes, we are going to ask everyone to start using the new logo. The contest is over tomorrow, but you can pretty much tell who is going to win. I really like the new logo so much more than the old one. You will grow to love it too, I'm sure. -TJ
        Mar 29, 2012
    20. palmav
      Hey TJ - Victor Palma here. It's been almost two years since I last logged onto the site - wow - I didn't realize it had been that long! The new site looks gorgeous! I think I told you I might be moving this summer. Now I know. I'll be moving back to Maryland (or Virginia) mid summer from Colorado. I should be able to become much more active again in the BRS. 13 years of barefoot running now for me!
      1. Barefoot TJ
        Barefoot TJ
        I am excited to have you back, Victor! I can't wait until summer though. Hee. Whenever you're ready to jump back in the game, please send me a note.

        In the meantime, please post now and again to say hi, won't you. I miss you.

        Mar 8, 2012
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    Running Nike Free 0.0

    Morton's Neuroma Talk - a bulletin board forum site dedicated to those of us who suffer from Morton's Neuroma. Come check us out!
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  • That was some funny stuff there in the video. -TJ
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