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Interested in the BRS's Stomp of Approval? We have a very cool program called the Stomp of Approval where we Stomp sites, blogs, and barefoot-friendly events. We've been doing this for about 3 years now. It's very snazzy looking and will make your site look oh so much cooler. I can't show it to you all here, because we don't want anyone to just copy it to their site; we like to keep track of who has it.

If you would like to be Stomped, please contact me at Be sure to include the link to your site!


9run/Stan Ong --

Adventures of an Athletic Diabetic/Dave Ely --

Adventures of a SAHM/Cassie Howard --

Ahcuah/Bob Neinast --

Amis Sans Shoes/Paul Beales --

Antonio Madriñan/Antonio Madriñan --

Bare 7x7 Challenge/Andy McGhee --

Barefoot Angie Bee/Angela Hotz --

Barefoot in Arizona/John McClung --

Barefoot Boise/Chandler Prohl --

Barefoot Brasil/Genaro Kummer --

Barefoot Chiropractor/Andrew Klein --

Barefoot Fresca --

Barefoot Heretic/Karl Franck --

Barefoot Inclined/Jeff Gallup --

Barefooting It/Lindsay Colburn --

Barefoot Mama in Maine/Theresa Withee --

Barefoot Mama's Life in a Nutshell/Katie Button-Swenson --

Barefoot Monologues/Trish Reeves --

Barefoot Puffin/Aaron Trevino --

Barefoot Root/Troy Root --

Barefoot Running/Cathal G. --

Barefoot Running/Ken Bob Saxton --

Barefoot Running Vegan/Thom David --

Barefoot Wandering and Writing/Thea Gavin --

Barfuss-Lauf in Großolbersdorf/Norbert Vogler --

Beginning Barefoot/Barefoot Dawsy --

Bosá turistika o.s./David Mrhač -- and

Bourbonfeet/Patrick Sweeney --

Caballo Tonto, Blog of a Barefoot Runner/Steffen Haugk --

C. Beth Run/C. Beth --

Chautauqua Barefooter/Lee Parker --

Chris’ Ultra Blog /Chris Migotsky --

Correr Barefoot/Tiago Pereira --

Courir pieds nus/Christian Harbert --

Courir Naturel, pieds nus ou chaussé minimaliste/Daniel DuBois --

Daily Improvisations/Laura Blodgett --

Destin 50 Beach Ultra/Zane Holscher --

Endorphins/Ameet Sinha --

Finding Time to Do It All/Heather Duey --

Fun Fitness After 50/Laura Blodgett --

Go Barefooting/Jimmy Hart --

Intrinsic Running/Ken Hopes --

John’s Barefoot Running Blog/John Yohe --

Less is More/Marko Roblek --

Lose the Shoes/Kenny --

Maple Grove Barefoot Guy/Christian Peterson --

Marathon Banska Bystrica/Peter Fabok --

Matt Metzgar/Matt Metzgar --

Monica --

Mountain Man/Barefoot Josh --

Muddy J/Jason DiPane --

My Feet Made Me Do It/Ashley Newman --

Natural Strides/Greg Scott --

OCEANPAX Puddle Run/Duncan --

On and Off the Trail/Michael Mitchell --

On the Slow Road to the Fast Lane/Chase Williams --

Our Wicked Ways/Shelah Davis --

Over Sixty Runner/Bob Horwitz --

Paul Beales/TrailBall UK --

På vei til barbeintmaraton/Jostein Sand Nilsen --

Pineland Farms Barefoot 5K/Erik Boucher --

Pinnacle Performance & Training/Andy McGhee --

Primitive Health/Robert Tygart --

Pseudo Barefoot Runner/Daves Espia --

Pulmaraton/Tomáš Tichánek --

Ramblings on Barefoot Running, Motherhood and Life/Katie Kift --

Reason Breeds Insanity/Corby Roberson --

Reclaim the Run/Anthony/Footsie --

Rendezvoo/Patrick Voo --

Run Barefoot Girl/Caity McCardell --

Runnerlambda --

Running Against the Grain/Jennifer Ayers-Gould --

Running for Life/Jim Haselmaier --

Running Naked on Sharp Pointy/Krista Cavender --

Run Swanson/Brian Swanson --

She Runs in Sandals/Staci Katsivalis --

Shod off/Marci Williams --

Society for Barefoot Living --

Story of a Barefoot Runner/Terry Orsi --

Team Doctors/Dr. James Stoxen, DC -- (various locations/attached to articles)

The Barefoot Idiot/Michael Nelson --

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy/Sanatan Golden --

The Running Foundation/Andy McGhee --

Thomas Barefoot/Thomas Bojer Eltorp --

Tikk Tok/Tikki --

Toad Shoes, Blog of a Barefoot Runner/Bob Allsopp --

Unshod and Unashamed/Chad --

Vanessa Runs/Vanessa Rodriguez --

Vegbarefootrunner/Leigh Moffett/Leigh Scarber --

Ware to Bare/Simon Allchin --

Winnipeg Barefoot Runners/Bob Nicol --

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