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Running Shod More Efficient
Parts 1 & 2
By Ahcuah

Part 1:

There’s been quite a bit of talk lately about a new study that came out early in the month, Metabolic Cost of Running Barefoot versus Shod: Is Lighter Better?, by Jason R. Franz, Corbyn M. Wierzbinski, and Rodger Kram. You can see one of the stories at Barefoot Running Less Efficient.

I’ve taken a bit of a look at the study.

The way these studies work is that they put special masks on their runners that measure both oxygen used and carbon dioxide produced. From those levels you can tell how much energy the body burned, and then comparisons can be made.

It is already generally acknowledged in the...
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Class Action Suit Filed Against Vibram FiveFingers for Misleading Consumers
That Its Shoes Provide “Health Benefits of Barefoot Running”
By Bill Katovsky, Zero Drop

Berman DeValerio, one of the country's premier class action law firms focused on business litigation, has recently filed a class-action lawsuit against Vibram and Vibram FiveFingers in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts. The complaint seeks a jury trial on the grounds that Vibram is making "false" health claims about its product. The entire legal document is reproduced below. But first a few things. Vibram isn't the first shoe company to be in the legal hot seat. Earlier this month, a Baltimore product liability lawyer filed a Skechers ‘Shape-Ups’ Class-Action Lawsuit that "seeks money damages for consumers who...
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Debunking the University of Colorado Barefoot Running Study: “UnMaking” the Case for Running Shoes
From Bill Katovsky, Natural Running Center,
Commentary by Steven Sashen, Invisible Shoes

Thank you, Steven Sashen, founder of Invisible Shoes, for providing much-needed clarity on a topic that is as polarizing as health care legislation, or whether Mad Men is a better television show than Breaking Bad. Last week, New York Times health and fitness reporter Gretchen Reynolds wrote about a new barefoot vs. shod running study on the Times Well Blog. The title of her...
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Healthy People = Barefoot People
By Dr. Steve Gangemi, a.k.a., Sock Doc

Climbing Definitely Easier Barefoot

Humans should be able to function barefoot from birth until death, (barring some birth defect, infection, or trauma of course), though sadly many people are unable to run, walk, or even stand for even a few minutes barefoot without discomfort, pain, or general uneasiness. Many people have essentially lost their ability to support themselves without support, (shoes or shoes with orthotics), either because of poor biomechanics or an underlying health problem. I’d like to think at least walking barefoot is possible for everyone but realize this unfortunately is not always the case and is even more of an unrealistic expectation for those wishing to run barefoot. Sure there are obvious health...