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i am going to make another attempt to crawl across the line before they shut the course down this year. obviously, since it is a "river trail", it is really flat, so no elevation or twisted ankle challenges. the surface is pretty runnable. and the trees are usually decked out in wonderful fall colors (you'll never realize you're in the middle of the city except when you run past the amusement park). so basically, a really nice environment and very well run race on the logistics side.

if anybody wants to come out and try for a barefoot ultra, this is a decent one to attempt. it would be fun to have some company in the freak department. :) actually, last year, the race director was very cool about it, so they would probably get a kick out of having more barefooters.

it is on kind of the northwest side of chicagoland in illinois.

anyways, here's the URL: . the 50 mile race is almost full, but there is plenty of space in the full...
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Hot Undies Run - Houston, TX
By gokuflip

This past weekend I went back to Houston to run the Hot Undies Run which is a fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Great cause and a fun event which I've done before but this time I brought my crew from the Golden Triangle Strutters to the run.

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La6000D 63k
By Abide

I signed up for the LA6000D a while back thinking it would be a good high altitude prep race for Leadville. The race description claimed it was a 63k with 4000m (13,000′) elevation gain and the highest point is at 3000m (10,000′). Pretty much the same elevation as the start of Leadville with slightly less elevation gain. Basically a single climb from the valley floor in the pic below to the snowy part of peak on the left.

I flew into France Thursday night so I could relax a little on Friday before the race. Instead of relaxing I decided to rent a mountain bike and ended up riding a 50k with a good 2000m worth of climbing. Whoops. Hopefully it will also be a good training mistake as the MTB race is a week before the trail run. Anyway onto the race.

The start was at 6am on Saturday morning. I got...
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A lot of times you sign up for a race with the primary goal of getting a PR and with a secondary goal of having fun. Well this past Saturday I signed up my siblings and myself to the Corner Store Country Run in Katy, TX for the fun...