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Barefoot Running Workshop 3: Hills, Speed & Precautions
By Emilie Reas, Chapter President, San Diego, California

Many thanks to all who attended the final session of our Barefoot Running Workshops! In today’s workshop we built on the fundamentals of running mechanics covered in the first and second workshops. We tweaked our speed and hill running techniques, addressed safety issues unique to barefooting and took running video selfies for gait analysis. Here are some of the highlights of the day’s fun …


When running downhill, the impact on the body...
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Support Your Club

Dear Friends,

The Barefoot Runners Society needs your support.

As you know, the BRS is funded and operated solely by its members. A modest income from advertising and tee shirt sales no longer covers the monthly costs for running and maintaining the site. That's right. We've grown by leaps and bounds this past year! Who...
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I freaking did it
From 0k to 44k mountain marathon in a year
By Line Kolbe

Damn it was a tough run. Don't even know where to start. I'm still so overwhelmed by it and it's all still sinking in.

It was 3 mountains. 16 km, 12 km and then 16 km again. The crossing of the first mountain went great. No pain anywhere and I had plenty of energy. The weather was nice. It took longer than I expected because there were so many on the trail that we had to wait on each other to get ahead. When I got down to the valley on the other side Thomas, my husband, was waiting there for me with my shake and there was a water and food station.

The second mountain was a lot tougher than expected. It was very steep and slippery because of deep mud on the trail. On the way up here my legs, especially hips, started to hurt....
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On The Measurement of Running Style 1:
Risks and Benefits in Transitioning To Barefoot/Minimal Footwear Running

All, (From Martin Daumer, PhD)

This has taken quite some time: The paper based on the study we had done with your (BRS) support has finally been published (paper attached)!

Please feel free to distribute widely - we would really like to thank all the runners who have contributed with their experience to help other runners to avoid injuries.

Best regards,


Jacobs Journal of Sports Medicine
On The Measurement of Running Style 1: Risks and Benefits in Transitioning To Barefoot/Minimal Footwear Running (

Methods - A survey with the social network of the “barefoot runners society.” An...