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1812 Challenge and Half Marathon
By Tristan-OH

This past weekend I traveled up to northern NYS to visit family, and run in a race for the first time in New York since I was in high school (that'd be about 20 years ago). I was really thinking about cancelling, or dropping to the half since my training had not really prepared me to race 18+ miles this year. I had a good base, and a couple good races earlier this year, and with such a long drive to go there I figured I might as well just attempt the whole thing even if I had to go easy. I missed my last long run 2 weeks out, and also the last week prior to the race I ended up only running a single day (5 miles) so I was definitely on the under-prepared side of things. On top of that my schedule has been hectic flip flopping from nights and day shifts, and I was coming off my last night...​
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Westlake Triathlon Race Report & Video
By Gokuflip

I haven't really swam or cycled this year but when I heard that the Westlake Triathlon coming up I had to sign up. This triathlon is put on by the Westlake Recreation Department to promote health in the area. It's beginners friendly with it being only a 120 meter swim, 4 mile bike, 1.5 mile run, and its FREE.

I had brought my Garmin 910xt but unfortunately never experimented with the functions in multisport mode so my times a little...
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World Masters' Athletics Championship, barefoot & huaraches
By Canary Island Feet

The last minute change to move the half & full marathon route to a park on the edge of Lyon's city center proved to be multi-loop course that was pretty craggly asphalt with sections of rough irregular gravel & small rocks ... with the race ending in a stadium. Using huaraches for the marathon was the best option for me at my level ... but a gal from India did the half marathon barefoot and a Costa Rican did the marathon barefoot.

wmac, barefoot 6.jpg
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Why do you run?
By BF Mitch

To spend time with friends.

To impress those friends.

To lose weight.

To abolish the feelings of guilt for eating like a crazed lion.

Or do you run for deeper reasons?

To test your physical, mental, and emotional capacity in an all out war against a course or trail.

To have time away from the daily grind and time for yourself.

To distract your mind from whatever may be going on in...