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Barefoot Running Magazine Autumn/Winter 2015 Issue 15
Barefoot Running Magazine Autumn/Winter 2015 Issue 15 now available for free download:​
The BRS's International Barefoot Running Day is featured beginning on page 133, and includes a lot of pictures. Check us out!
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My First (but not last) Marathon
By Bare Claws

Yesterday's Dallas Marathon was my very first, one year after my first half at the same venue. It was drizzly and the course was very wet and full of puddles especially at the start. I wore my Sockwa's for ten miles because I was afraid that the wet conditions would soften up my feet too much. Started with a 5 hour pacer, and hung with him for the ten miles before needing to stop to get the shoes off and fiddle with my music, blow my nose and use the porta potty. (I had done 20 in under four hours previously and really over-estimated my capabilities!) Being on my own let me set a more realistic pace for myself, and while I did meet that 20 mile goal, the next six were a whole 'nuther story. But I quickly got my mental act together and slogged on. Feet were fine! I made sure to walk part of...
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What’s the #1 Mistake that runners make?
By BF Mitch

In reality, there are a LOT of mistakes runners make.

I could list hundreds.

You could probably list hundreds.


Slow cadence.

Wearing marshmallow shoes.

Poor posture.

Forgetting the GPS watch at home.

Eating too much ice cream the night before a long run.


But out the sea of mistakes, there’s one that shines above all the rest.

It destroys the potential of 98% of runners while the other 2% quickly take advantage of everything they can in order to become phenomenal running warriors.

The number one mistake:

Runner Tunnel Vision.

Being runners, it’s extremely easy to get swept up in the world of questions like these:

“Which shoes should I wear for my upcoming road race?”...
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Bill Katovsky (left) and Roy Wallack in Kona at the Ironman in October 1994
Bill Katovsky 1957-2015 Long May You Run
By Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

We are deeply saddened at the recent passing of our friend and co-founder of the Natural Running Center Bill Katovsky. Yes, life can be short when you cannot get good help. Together with Minimalist Shoe aficionado and hi tech wizard Nicholas Pang we created the Natural Running Center site and FB pages:​
To continue reading, please visit:...​