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DQed for Running in Bare Feet!By Janice Nicholls
Well, it has been a day. I have been racing in triathlons since 1995. My first race was in Barrie, Ontario (where I had a panic attack and near drowning experience in the swim) and today I returned to Barrie for the first time since then to race again. And I got disqualified for running in bare feet.

Turns out there is a rule about bare feet in triathlon. I've never read all the rules -- there is a top 10 list provided on the Ontario Association of Triathletes website, but I've not read through the full set of rules. Until today. That's when I found the rules that got me the DQ.

6.1. General Rules:
a.) The athletes will:
....(iv) Not run without shoes or run barefoot on any part of the course;"

These rules are the one that triathlons sactioned by the Ontario Association of Triathletes (OAT) must follow....
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White-Line Comfort for Barefoot Running When the Asphalt is Pipin’ HotBy Dr. Mark Cucuzzella
What does a runner who likes to occasionally go out in his bare feet dream of on a scorching-hot summer day? Cold beer? Watermelon? A dip in the Shenandoah river?

All of these are great but a fresh white line of paint is even better. This is the main road near my home in Shepherdstown West Virginia. Shepherd Grade Road is a beautiful winding country road and pleasant for long runs. This week we have had the hottest week on record here. To my delight I was greeted by this fresh white line this week. Smooth and cool.

After I got back from my run, I emailed Ian Adamson, also smooth and cool, who is a science advisor for the Natural Running Center and director of research and education at Newton Running, for his more...
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Plantar FasciitisBy Dr. Mark
Plantar Fasciitis is the common term for what should be more accurately termed Plantar Fasciosis. itits is an acute inflammation caused by a trauma or infection. osis is chronic degenerative condition.

No evidence exists for an ideal treatment of this condition without identifying and treating the causes, which can be many. Since we have no literature to guide us, this advice comes from seeing hundreds of runners and guiding them in self corrections.

What is the Plantar Fascia?
The plantar fascia (PF) is a strong ligament that runs from the heel to the metatarsal heads in the front of your foot. This ligament helps absorb the shock that occurs when your foot contacts the ground. It has function in the windlass mechanism recreating the arch on takeoff.
What is the...
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Why I ran a barefoot marathonBy PBarker
I did not wake up one morning and decide to run a marathon barefoot. It was a slow and gradual change in my thinking, a slow change that lead me to do something most people consider impossible, dangerous, and crazy.

The day Simon Whitfield won the Olympic silver for triathlon was the day I told my wife I was going to do an Ironman, a 4k swim, 180k bike followed by a full 42k marathon. I had already done several half marathons, a full marathon, and a half ironman. Two years training on top of my fitness at the time seemed reasonable, so I planned to do Ironman Canada in 2010. The training consisted of highly technical swim instruction, well laid out bike training with focus of cadence, peddle stroke mechanics …, but when it came to running I had no instruction. Three years subscription to Runner’s World mag did very little for me in terms of running form.

So I began studying the best runners in the world, the...